Maybe this is a different part of my business

Have it just a simple classic in studio session just portraits of kids individually.

Session is 30 minutes.

Sitting fee is: $300

Offer framed 16x20 portrait of each child (let them pick frame color): $200 (barn wood $250)

Or 10 digital files (give them more if they turn out): $300

Or Digital files and framed portrait: $450

NOTE: they pick what they want when book session. Then they pay for it at session. Deliver a gallery to choose the one image they want framed.

Frame options: Barn wood ($126.55 my price) no mat, Simple black (gallery slim black) frame, comes with white mat ($70.30 my price ), Simple White (gallery slim white) comes with white mat ($70.30 my price ), Gold Metal comes with white mat ($88.30), Mats are additional ($18.75 my price)

My out of pocket price for each ranges between $90-$130.

Hi, I am Canvas.

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