I cannot believe we are really moving...

I want to introduce myself to the wonderful city of Ellensburg, WA. And say goodbye to so many wonderful and special people in the Portland, OR area. I cannot believe we are really moving in just a couple months. It is going to go by so fast with the busyness of the holidays. Part of me is really excited for this change and new adventure. I think about the small town and community we get to become a part of and I am filled with joy. Everyone I have talked to only has good things to say about Ellensburg and how much they like it and how beautiful it is.

Dear Portland area,

It is a pull at my heartstrings to leave you. We have made so many friendships over the last 10 years. I don't want to leave them. We have been through many little changes in Portland. We have had to say goodbye to great friends who have moved, we moved within Tigard a couple times. Two of our kids were born here. My three oldest kids started going to school here. So many stages of life have happened here in this Tigard/Portland area and I am so thankful for that. I am so happy I can come back to visit quite easily. I won't be too far away.

Dear Ellensburg,

Dear Ellensburg, I will say my husband and I are quite excited about moving back to a small town. We both grew up in a small town (Hermiston, OR) and we are thoroughly going to enjoy the traffic (or lack there of), openness, new events, little college town, and so much more I don't even know about. I cannot wait to experience this new adventure with my family and capturing all of these new things through the prospective of my camera lens. I also look forward to meeting many people and families in Ellensburg and hope to bring more love and meaning to your family as I capture incredible photos of who you are.