I want to share with you what I have learned these last 10 years as I have gone from being a hobby photographer, into growing a successful business. Then to move after 8 years into it and having to start over again. I have spent way too many hours in this, wasted money, spent good money, learn some more and now feel so confident in what I do. I have a passion for teaching and want to help other photographers feel confident in what they do.

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two sisters walking through the grass with their chickens

For Mid-day Sun

two brothers walking through tall grass in Ellensburg on the John Wayne Trail.

For Cloudy Days

young boy holding a wildflower in his hands in the mountains in Robinson Canyon, Ellensburg

For Sunny Evenings

newborn session with couple holding their baby on the couch

For Indoor Days

In this bundle, you will receive Brindy's "All you need" basic presets. These are the basic presets Brindy uses for mid-day sun, cloudy days, evening sunny days and indoor days. There are 13 total presets in this bundle. Each group of presets also comes along with a video to walk you through how Brindy uses these presets. You will also receive instructions on how to upload these presets to Lightroom. NOTE: THESE ARE FOR LIGHTROOM CLASSIC ONLY. YOU WILL NEED LIGHTROOM CLASSIC TO USE THESE PRESETS. Thank you and enjoy!

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