I use a Pixieset Website.

I have used so many different websites over the years and right now my favorite is Pixieset. Their website builder is incredibly easy. It is a matter of choosing what layouts you want to add, then clicking on that option. If I want to add text, I have options to choose from, but not too many that is becomes overwhelming. Same with images, buttons, etc. Plus, they have some really great and modern website designs as well. It is a bummer it took me so long to find them. Probably, because they are pretty new, maybe three or four years old.

Pixieset also offers an attached gallery, store and soon a studio manager.

This is another reason I like Pixieset. Everything is is one place. Right now, I am only using their website and gallery. I may use their store again, but I may not. When their studio manager is available, I may or may not use that as well. It is just nice to have the option.

Squarespace is a good option too.

I have heard really good things about Squarespace for a photography blog as well. I personally have not use them before, but know many photographers who do and love them. They have a similar, easy to build website. That is just about all I know about them. I am not sure if they offer a connected gallery or not. This is really important for me since I mostly sell digitals.

Yep, Pixieset has a great photo gallery too.

Signing up for a free Pixieset photo gallery is how I first heard about Pixieset. At that time, that is all they offered was a client photo gallery. Over the years they have added more options to use through them, like a website and soon their studio manager.

Below is a video of me walking through behind the scene of both my website and my client gallery. I hope this shows you how easy it can be to manage your own website and deliver a gallery to your clients.

By the way, I am not affiliated with Pixieset. They do not pay me to praise them. I just really enjoy their products.