There is no doubt about it, babies are constantly growing and changing. This is why this topic is so important to me. Yes, sometimes it is tricky getting good pictures when our kids can’t sit up or crawl yet. Why? Because they are laying down and as a person, we have to move around more to get good angles. That is not always the first thing we think about. Usually we see them looking cute and snap a picture. Here are my simple tips about baby photography and getting good pictures of the little people you love.

sleeping baby wrapped in white on a bed

1. Don't shoot the photo up their nose

When you are taking a photo of your baby, you want to make sure you don't shoot the photo up their nose. You should be looking slightly down, from on top of their nose. This will give you a much more pleasing photo of baby.

Family of six sitting close on their living room couch

2. Step back and get the whole picture

I love doing this. As you step back and get the whole picture you are getting such a different point of view. Especially if you are outside. There are usually some interesting lines or pretty views that will add some interest or some depth of field and help your subject stand out. This is also such an important thing to do if you are storytelling. So, try it out!

close up of baby hand while in crib

3. Get closer to your subject

I mentioned stepping back, but you want variety as you are capturing baby's story, so make sure you get closer to your subject. Step in closer to you baby and really capture the details. Maybe you get closer to the curls the encircle their face. I love to take pictures of hands and feet. Especially as they get a little older and more chubby, those toes and hands are irresistible.

twin babies snuggled close together on bed in front of window

4. Put them in front of a window

Have you ever tried this, maybe by accident? Backlit pictures are amazing. They take a little practicing though. Try it. Set baby and put them in front of a window in your home. It could be on the floor in the living room, or my favorite, on a bed in front of a window. You will have to play with the setting some and make sure you know what you want to focus on.

newborn baby in diaper lying on blueberry print muslin blanket

5. Less is more

This doesn't have to mean clean the entire house or there can't be a tree in sight. Less is more means to simplify as much as possible. For example, sliding a toy to the side and out of the camera frame. Try to remove distractions. Even with the blankets and clothes. Dress them in something simple, so the focus is on baby. Some prints can be fun, but think about keeping it to one print and the rest solids. If you want to use the flower print blank, dress baby in a simple solid onesie or dress. If you are outside, make sure there are not cars in the background.

6 month old baby boy laying on white comforter and chewing on light blue blanket

6. Older babies

With older babies that are awake and interactive, I love to lay them on their backs on a blanket. They find their feet, suck on their hands and sometimes just watch what I am doing. ADORABLE! As long as they are fed and mom is close by (maybe mom is taking the picture), you are golden.

7. Turn your camera

If you keep taking a picture and it is not coming out the way you want, try turning your camera a little bit, or a lot. Seriously, this is one of those big game changers. You can change an alright photo to one that really catches your eye by a simple turn of your camera.

Well, there are my 7 baby photography ideas for you. The nice thing about this younger age is they haven’t quite figured out how to “pose.” Everything about them is true. No fake or cheesy smiles. No refusals to being in pictures. Pretty simple if you ask me. It is up to the photographer to find that sweet spot or angle to capture everyday moments.