When you get a review like this one, you have to share it. I have had so many super sweet review and I am so grateful. This one absolutely shocked me and touched on all the things I hope all my families come away from a session feeling. Thanks Britney!!!


PLEASE book a session with Brindy - not only will you enjoy it and get more value for your money that you thought possible, but you will receive the most beautiful photos that you will treasure forever and ever - our family did! Even with 2 kids under 3 which I thought was an impossible task!"


I booked Brindy on a whim and she was extremely communicative throughout the entire process being extremely transparent with pricing, session durations, what to expect from the shoots, process to receive and select photos, etc. I felt so good about everything because Brindy took the time to walk with me through the experience. **A unique step in the process that I absolutely LOVED was she took the extra time to ask ME questions about my family - their personalities, etc so that she would be prepared to best work with each individual and capture their unique self. This meant a lot to me. "


Brindy helped take the guesswork out of the shoot by recommending several locations to choose from with examples of pictures from each spot - this helped me to visualize what option was best for our pictures and made that decision quick and painless. The shoot itself was so comfortable and at ease - which is hard to do with 2 toddlers under 3! She was gentle and kind, yet still effective in communicating directions to achieve the shots she KNEW would come out so great. She helped to direct some of our poses and guided us through the entire shoot, but still left some space in the shoot to let us interact together naturally so she could capture some INCREDIBLE candid photos. Overall, the shoot was efficient, fun, and easy! Again- not an easy feat with 2 toddlers. "


The turnaround was so QUICK (who doesn't refresh their email every 5 minutes when waiting for photos of your loved ones, be honest!?) and the gallery was so easy to access both from my phone and computer. Y'all - I was supposed to pick a certain # of photos and just had to buy them all, there wasn't a single picture that didn't put a smile on my face or a tear in my eye. It was easy to share the gallery with my family which was important to me since a lot of our family lives across the country, they were able to view them with us and make us feel closer, I really appreciate that from Brindy. "


I won't lie - I might cry talking about the photos.... I was excited to get some family photos of course, but tempered expectations because well... 2 toddlers under 3, you never know what you're going to get. "


My husband has actually cut me off from buying frames because I want to print and hang EVERY single photo that Brindy took in my home. Seriously, they're stunning.... They're printed on my wall, one of the photos is my lock screen on my phone, the background of my laptop, my husbands photo that pops up when he calls, eventually I'll make a scrapbook, etc -- you will be LOOKING for opportunities to use these pictures because they're that beautiful. I'm just so thankful for Brindy's talent and the pictures she captured of my family. All in all, we already have our next session planned with Brindy and I've thought of two more reasons to hire her in the future so we can continue to work with her! Thank you Brindy, from the bottom of our hearts (and all of our friends and family members that will be seeing these photos on Christmas Cards, printed on mugs, hung in our house, tc tc for years and years to come!)"


Now you know why I had to share these kind words, right?! I really do work with the best people.