Hello, I am Brindy Ruby.

I am the owner of Brindy Ruby Photography, LLC. I can not wait to hear from you and plan your newborn photo session here in the Ellensburg, WA area. As you consider booking a session with me, please read through this blog post, view my portfolio, and search my website to decide if we would be a good fit. My goal is always to keep good communication with you and give you all the helpful pointers I can to help your session go smoothly and safely. I want to create the photos that will touch you and display a connection with your family that shows your love for each other.

How old should my baby be for newborn photos?

Really, anytime within the 1st month of baby's life is a wonderful time to photograph them. With my approach to newborn photography it really gives extra flexibility to the time of their session. This is great because sometimes as a parent you want a little more time to get comfortable with the idea of a new baby and booking a session a little later works better for you. Or maybe you will feel ready for a session just a few days after baby is born.

It is up to you to decide what works best for your family, but I would not stress about trying to get newborn photos done within the first 10 day after they are born. You may have heard that newborn photography has to be done within 2 weeks of their birth, but that is really only for newborn sessions where there is a lot of posing and molding baby into tighter poses. Babies are more moldable in those earlier days, so if you are looking for a very posed newborn session, you'll want to find a different photographer who offers that. Right now, I am only offering lifestyle photography. I do have some crates/baskets that I love bringing to outdoor newborn photos. Read on. :)

What are my location options near Ellensburg for my newborn photography session?

Most of my families choose to have their newborn photos done in the comfort of their home. Sometimes they like to add on a FRESH 48 session as well to have done right in the hospital. If the weather is warm enough, an outdoor newborn photography session is a great option. Pick your favorite location and let's plan it!

How do you deal with busy toddlers?

First off, I love, love, love it when siblings are a part of a newborn photo session. The best way I have found to fit them into the session but keep things easy is to get siblings photos with your newborn at the beginning of the session. Then they can continue playing with their toys or do whatever works for them. If they want to continue to hang around and be in more photos, I love that too. I pretty much let the toddler be, but make sure to step back and capture them exploring around the room, playing with dad, coming to sit with mom and baby, etc. Toddlers can be very curious during a photo session, or they can want nothing to do with it. That's why we get them done first, then let them make the decision later whether of not they want to continue to be a part of the session.

Newborn photo sessions with me are "baby-led."

With my lifestyle approach to photography, it is very easy to allow this session to be baby-led. Now what does this mean? Do I even have a plan? I sure do. I have a plan of poses I like to go through in a newborn photography session, but within my plan we allow for breaks when baby needs to eat, be changed, etc. A baby-led session also means that in this session, I am not posing baby in unnatural ways. I do some posing, but it is in ways that are natural and comfortable for baby.

Your newborn is only this little once.

Are you on the fence about booking a newborn session? Think about what is holding you back. Are you not comfortable with someone coming in your home, because it is not "perfect"? No problem. It is very easy for me to zoom in and cut out any clutter that is around. I am not expecting you to have the perfect house. I am looking to photograph the love you have for your new baby. I also have a few blankets and wraps I can bring, if needed. Another option is to bring the newborn session outdoors if it is warm enough.

Maybe that is not what is holding you back. Maybe you are conflicted with the price a newborn session can cost. I fully respect families who stay within a budget. We all have different budgets and I encourage you to look for the right photographer that fits your budget. Another way to think about this is dividing the total cost of a session by the number of months in the year. If you divide the cost of the session by 12, does that make sense and fit in your budget? Let's say the session was $600 and you divide that by 12, that would equal about $50 per month. Would that work in your budget to spend an extra $50 each month for the next 12 months? Maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. That is for you to decide.

I like to look at what these photos will mean to me and what they will mean to my children. I already know how much they will mean to me. When I think what they will mean to my children, pushes me over the fence. My mother never had baby photos of her growing up. Her parents camera had been ruined and they didn't replace it for awhile after she was born, maybe not until she was a toddler, so there were not any baby pictures of her. However, recently she discovered some photos from her aunt who had taken some photos of her and her family when she was a baby. Those photos are priceless. That just makes me tear up thinking about how precious those photos are to my mom and to me! I say, do what you can to find the right photographer who can give you beautiful photos of your family and newborn in those first few weeks. It is so precious and so special. You will not regret it.

Another beautiful thing about having a newborn is getting maternity photos done.

Yep, don't forget the maternity photography session. I recommend booking your session for 3-6 weeks before baby's due date. You have optional when it comes to your maternity session. Have the maternity session just of you and your adorable baby bump OR bring your significant other along...OR bring the whole family with the kids. This is entirely up to you. Also, if you book your maternity photography session and your newborn photography session at the same time, you will receive a discount. :) Find out more about a maternity photo session HERE.

Did you know about the albums you can order through me?

Okay, last thing. I offer beautiful and simply stunning albums you can order as an add-on to your photo session. You can find out more about these albums HERE. I can't wait to here from you and help you capture meaningful, loving photos of your family.

toddler brother holding newborn baby sister on the couch during their in-home newborn photo session