After every session, you will get the opportunity to purchase a session album for you or as a gift.

I wanted to take the chance to walk you through these adorable, simple and classic albums I offer to make of your session. They are a great piece to have in your home or as a gift for your parents and grandparents. In my experience, these really give an extra meaningful gift that will be appreciated. Plus, the albums get sent straight to you!

I think you will fall in love with the simplicity.

Flipping through the pages, you probably notice the simplicity of these books. It really comes off as simple, meaningful and timeless. You can keep this album out on your coffee table for the rest of your life, because it is not going out of style. Also, because of the simplicity, the album does not distract or take away from the quality of each photo in it. These are quite the book.

These album pages are thick and sturdy.

Look how thick the pages are in a picture below. These sturdy pages will help prevent any creasing that might happen to a regular type of album page. Pretty cool if you ask me. They remind me of a children's board book, but clean, classy and design to be pretty for grown ups. Just the way they should be.

The album is an 8x8 inch book.

These cute albums are just the right size too. They are an 8x8 inch book. The perfect size that will not overwhelm any table or shelf, but also big enough that it is not going to get lost in the shuffle. The size is also perfect for displaying images well. If you are like me, I don't want too many things hung up on the walls, but I have lots of photos I want displayed. These books do just that. They can be out on a bookshelf of table, but not take up space on your walls. It is a win! Message me if you have other questions about these beautiful albums.

simple newborn photography album opened on a wood table
photography album showing how thick the pages are
newborn photo album opened on a wood table