Let's make it a baking photo session with the kids!

What are in-home photo sessions all about?

To me, these sessions are all about capturing the real interactions you have together with your family, in your home. In-home sessions are some of my favorite because kids act different when they are in their home versus being outdoors. I feel like I see a different side of the family as a whole. Kids tend to open up a bit more. They can show me their favorite toys and I can photograph their normal routines. This is huge. Especially, when kids are young, routines change just about as fast as they learn to walk, then talk. It all goes by before we even realize it.

Why did I choose the kitchen for these photos?

With having an indoor photo session in mind for my kids this year, I wanted to get photos of where we usually hang out. Plus, all my kids love to bake and make things. I will admit, for some of my kids, this love for baking comes and goes. However, they still love to do it and when inspired, they want to be in the kitchen making a creation. This was a bit of my thought process when choosing the activity and the location for these photos. Also, our kitchen in pretty much the center of our home and the lighting is great.

I love seeing my kids working with their hands.

I mean, who doesn't like hands-on activities? A person can learn so much more by being the one doing and using their own hands than just watching. There is something that happens when we use the sense of feel. The connection that is happening between our hands and our brain, combined with movement and the experience, is amazing. This little activity is powerful when you really think about it. Plus, letting things get a little messy is good. (I admit, I have to remind myself of this often, but I do believe it fully.) Messes mean we are learning and usually having fun too! I just love giving my kids the opportunity to create and get their hands messy. I think it’s good for all of us.

My kids are learning responsibility.

Speaking of messes, these photos not only portray a connection they have with baking and being together, but they have to clean up the mess that get's made. I want that a part of my kids growing up. Even though I didn't include photos of them cleaning up their mess, capturing these photos might remind them about what goes into baking cookies and being a part of a family. Believe it or not, responsibility was also a part of my thoughts when I was taking these baking photos. What I am trying to convey here is how amazing a good photo can be.

I love including the family pets in indoor photos.

Be sure to scroll through the photos at the bottom of this post. Our dogs include themselves in just about everything we do at home. Especially, when there is food involved. During the session the kids mixed dough, prepped cookies and put them in the oven. Then they washed their hands and waited for the cookies to bake. This means it is snuggle time for the dogs. Once that timer goes off, back to washing hands again, then prepping more cookies.

Gift your family/wife an indoor session this year for Christmas. Schedule your session for January or February. Make cookies, eat donuts in bed, play indoor games, snuggle on the couch with your dogs, read books, etc. The sky is the limit!