A Fresh 48 Photography Session is done at the hospital.

You might be asking yourself what a fresh 48 photography session is. Well, I am here to tell you. When you hear the phrase, "fresh 48 session" mentioned around the internet and social media, people are referring to a session done in the hospital, within 48 hours of baby's birth. I can not say enough about a fresh 48 photography session. Those first few moment at the hospital can be hard and exhausting, but they are also miraculous. You just did, probably the hardest thing you have ever done, giving birth to this little person who is nothing less than a miracle. There are all sorts of sweet and loving emotions at this time and it is so beautiful to capture. If you are a fan of documenting your family with a lifestyle approach, a fresh 48 session is a perfect session to consider.

big sister holding newborn brother at hospital

You can expect a Fresh 48 Photography Session to be simple.

From start to finish, this is what to expect. First, I show up, wash hands and meet baby. The only things I bring to a fresh 48 session is my camera, a simple swaddle blanket, then maybe a white onesie. If you have a neutral colored swaddle blanket or onesies you want to use, that's great. Keep in mind that this is a simple session in the hospital. Anything too decorative will seem out of place.

Next, I take out my camera and start photographing baby, you, your family. I will give you guidance, but really, I am just hopping in to capture this short and beautiful time with your new baby. Baby will mostly be with your family since bonding is so important at this time. I get photos of baby swaddled, on the bed, in the bassinet, with siblings and lots with mom and dad. I want to come in and take photos of the connection, emotion and love in the room. After that, we wrap things up and I am on my way in under an hour. I know how tired everyone is and don't want to be in the way. This is a very special time for your family and I really hope you consider this session, now that you know what to expect at a fresh 48 photography session.

newborn wrapped in blanket in father's arms at the hospital

I usually come to the hospital around 2 days of baby being born.

I know this session is called fresh 48, but I will come anytime you are still at the hospital. I do like to come during the daytime so we have good lighting. Hospitals, believe it or not, have some of the best lighting in these recovery rooms. Probably because the rooms are usually up on a high floor and the windows are big.

When you book a fresh 48 photography session, we will discuss when you are due to have baby and if you know you are someone who has their babies early or late. Either way, I will block out a few days before and after, so I can make it to you while you are in the hospital. Once you go into labor, if you could have your spouse, friend or family member text me the update, that is best. If you don't get around to contacting me until after having baby, that is fine too. Please text me that same day though, even if it is in the middle of the night. The sooner I know the plan, the easier it is to schedule to come in and photograph your family. If for some reason I just can't make it, I do have a backup photographer to reach out to.

newborn laying on hospital bed, wearing a long-sleeve onesie and loosing wrapped in a blanket

Wear neutral clothing for your Fresh 48 Photography Session

If you want to bring something specific to wear during the session, pack something neutral, loose and easy to nurse in. If you don't want to worry about this part, I am perfectly fine if you want to keep it real and wear the hospital gown. This is up to you. It is a hospital session after all. Ask family to wear neutral colors. The family in these photos did a perfect job keeping their outfits neutral and simple, so here is a great example.

Alright, let me know if you have any other questions about what to wear or what to expect at a fresh 48 session. I can't wait to chat with you about it.

Many families like to use this as an add-on to a Newborn session. Message me for a pricing discount if you would like to do that too.