The Little Moments

We all feel these little moments when we least expect it. The little moments I am talking about is when you are doing life and something in your mind and heart recognizes something so sweet and you feel love. Like the times you tune into the features of your child's face and how it looks like yours. Or the time you stepped in the bedroom to check on a baby and see them settled into a deep sleep. We treasure these little moments. These are the times you should pull out your camera to capture. Our babies are only little once. I have made a few lists below of times you can capture your baby's first year. Check them out!C

newborn baby sleeping on bed

Newborn Baby Photos to Capture

  1. Sleeping baby on bed
  2. Sleeping baby in crib
  3. Sleeping baby in mom/dad/sibling's arms
  4. Baby wrapped in blanket
  5. Baby on your lap
playful baby laying on bed

Young Baby Photos to Capture

  1. Playful baby on back
  2. Baby on tummy, while propping self up
  3. Baby army crawling towards or away from you
  4. Again, baby wrapped in blanket or towel
  5. Baby playing with a toy for the first time
baby slobbering on crib

Older Baby Photos to Capture

  1. Learning to crawl
  2. Learning to walk
  3. Eating new foods
  4. Playing with toys on the floor
  5. In the bathtub
baby playing with feet

What to Capture of Baby's First Year

Now that you have some lists as a starting point. I have a few suggestions of how to go about taking these little moments of your baby.

  1. Take some close ups.
  2. Step back and take some photos where you see the "whole picture."
  3. Take some detailed shots of baby hands, baby slobber, baby's favorite toy in their hand.
  4. Take a photo where baby is in the background and you are focused on a baby toy or mobile, etc. (If using phone, use portrait mode.)
  5. Take the photos from different angles. (from above, low, from the side, etc.)

Okay, start documenting your sweet babe and tag me if you post any on social media. I would love to see them!

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