Throughout my photography journey, my style has changed. This is normal and a good thing. I will be honest, I still struggle sometimes with what look I am going for because I have too many styles I like. Today I wanted to talk about a minimalist newborn session or a simple approach to newborn photography. This is probably my favorite style when it comes to newborn photography. Let me tell you why.

No Posing Baby

This approach is so stress free to me. Yes, it did take time to get a hang of it, but most of all I let baby guide me through the session. I definitely have a hand in how baby is set up and I help guide baby to look a certain way. However, I might have an idea in my mind, but that can easily change, depending on baby. When photographing newborns, you definitely need to be flexible and learn to go with the flow. For example, maybe I wrapped baby and am assuming she will fall right asleep. Then for some reason she just won't settle and fall asleep. If baby is content, I switch gears and just start taking photos of baby awake. I LOVE THESE!

newborn boy twin awake and laying on a lemon print muslin blanket Ellensburg, WA

Whites, Creams and Neutrals are the Colors for a Minimalist Session.

When I am putting together a minimalist newborn session, I grab all my whites, creams and neutral wraps and blankets. If it is a girl baby, I will grab a few simple headbands as well. These items are usually used as backups. If the family has some muslim swaddle blankets, simple onesies or blankets of their own, I will definitely use those. This way is much more personal. In the photos below, this mom had these adorable fruit muslin swaddle blankets. I loved them so much! This still kept the session at a minimalistic approach. And maybe even better because we were able to use their wraps...their style.

Parents holding newborn twin boys on couch with older brother sitting in between them.

A Minimalist Session Is Real

So, I like to think all the photography I do is "real." I try to get my images right in the camera, so there is not much editing and changing I have to do afterwards. The editing I do usually just enhances the photos. This is simply a preference because of the look I am usually going for and it just makes more sense to me.

When I say, "it's real" I am referring to this idea that I am trying to capture how the baby would look on a regular day at home with their family. I try to take creative photos with the home being the obvious and clear location of the photos. Sometimes I zoom in to cut it all out, but that is not always the case. The photos below are taken on their master bed. I just laid out their blankets. I love that I can walk in with pretty much just my camera, (maybe a few wraps) and start photographing sweet babies. Alright, enough talk. You need to check out these sweet baby twin boys.

newborn twin boy stretching while in his diaper and laying on a blueberry print muslin blanket Ellensburg, WA
newborn twin on muslin lemon print blanket Ellensburg