What do I mean when I say "baby-led posing" ?


Well, I pretty much mean exactly that. Your session will be led by your baby and how they are feeling. I give you information before the session on how you can best prepare your family for a newborn session, which is super helpful and really does help keep a smooth running session, with less stress. I definitely have a plan and run the session with poses and ideas to photograph your family in these early days. However, if baby needs to be fed, a diaper change, be held, etc. we do those things. Lifestyle photography really lends itself to taking care of baby and move at their pace. It allows us to capture this truly meaningful moment as you are getting to know your baby and baby is getting to know that world outside the womb. I feel like it takes what might seem like a simple, unmeaningful time in life and turns it into a beautiful process. It highlights the tenderness of taking care of such a fragile little being. It proves that miracles do exist.

Safety is my top priority during a newborn session.

Since safety comes first during a newborn photo session, we let baby tell us what they need. Like I mentioned above, I have a system for my newborn sessions, but I also allow for times baby might need a feeding, diaper change, etc. In my newborn photography sessions, you will not see baby propped unnaturally. We also won't do any nude photos of baby unless it is warm enough and baby feels comfortable. Even then, we don't keep baby out of a blanket or a swaddle for too long, unless that is what they prefer. Most babies love to be kept snuggled and cozy.

Here are some of the poses I capture during a newborn session:

At the top of my list is to get your family all together and interacting with your newborn. This includes close-ups and photos showing the "whole picture." I also think it is really important to get those snuggling moments with mom, dad, and baby. Then some photos of each parent having their moment with your newborn. If your baby is not your first, it is really special to capture moments with the siblings. Sibling photos can be some of the sweetest moments to have photographed. Children have such a beautiful way of displaying wonder, curiosity, and love.

Most common spots in your home to photograph your baby is a living room, master bedroom and nursery. I choose the places that work best based on the natural lighting. We are lucky in the Ellensburg area to have so many bright and sunny days to provide that nice natural lighting in our homes for in-home photo sessions.

Alright, what questions do you have for me about baby-led posing?