My basic Lightroom editing video is below.

I can't believe it! This is my very first Brindy Ruby Photography video. All I have to say is you've got to start somewhere, right? HA!

I also want to mention, this video is meant to be sweet and simple. I know many of us are busy, so I wanted to provide a short video, but backed with helpful info. So, I get right to it, but am only sharing my basic edits when I hop into Lightroom. This is not a full tutorial on how to use all of what Lightroom offers.

Lesson 5 Assignment:

After you watch the video, your assignment is to go into Lightroom, or another editing software and play around with the settings I have talked about. They should be pretty similar, like contrast, exposure, highlights, etc. See what changes it makes to your RAW images.

Now that we have reached lesson 5, it makes me so excited to think that you now have some super valuable photography education and skills under your belt. Hopefully, you are feeling more and more confident in the photography game. My next lessons we will be moving on from actual photography skills and focusing more on the business side of photography. Alright, check out my editing video below and enjoy!