Hey, today I am sharing a little something I love that is not my family or photography. Read on.

I love Kauai and am already ready to go back. We went to Hawaii with a few other couples last August for the second time. I have never thought of myself as a person who loves to travel. I am pretty content staying in or around my hometown, wherever that may be. But there are days that I could really go for some Hawaii. Take me back to the warm and sandy beaches. Take me back to the beautiful sunsets. I want to go hiking to waterfalls, even when the path leads into the river or hoping on rocks. Take me back to Hawaii. I miss me some good shaved ice and time on the boogie board. One regret I do have about this trip was not pulling out my camera more. I guess in one way that is good, right? I am being in the moment and enjoying my time. However, one thing I do enjoy doing is photographing and creating lasting images.

What is your favorite thing about Hawaii and what island is your favorite?