Let's have the best experience

Have you ever seen photos of a family and just wondered how they ever got to have such perfect family photos? Well, let me tell you, they were not doing "perfect" things. They for sure did a little prepparing, but mostly likely they went about the session with a carefree attitude and loving on each other. I have a few things to share with you that are going to make your family session the best experience and give you family photos you will be blown away with. Read on and make your next family photo session a game changer!

Get your photographer's help with outfits

Does planning what to where for your family overwhelm you? Then talk with your photographer and get some guidance. I always send information about what to wear and tell my families to send me photos of what they are planning to wear. That way we can catch anything before hand that might not go so well.

Carefree attitude

This one is huge! Prepare what you can ahead of time, but if you didn't get to everything, no biggie. Once you hop in the car to head to your photo session, it is time to let go of what didn't happen and time to show your family how chill you are. Talk about fun memories in the car drive to lighten everyone's mood. Then carry on that carefree attitude during your session. Your kids may do things that you would normally think is not going to make a good photo, but chances are, if you just take a deep breathe and simply laugh, your photos will turn out amazing. Try to avoid lecturing during a photo session. As long as everyone is safe, just smile and let me do the rest.

Show affection during your photography session

When a child or husband is close by, I want you to be touching. This could mean holding hands, hugging, hand on a shoulder, playing with hair, etc. Even a little bit of connection is going to make a huge difference during your family session. Connection not only looks good, but the person you are connecting with is going to feel that love and belonging and that is going to shine through in your photos.

Be ready to make your kids laugh

If you can think of just one thing that you know will make your kids laugh during even just a part of the session, then we are all set! This could be an action you do or a story, maybe joke you have to share. Maybe it is one word that you just know will get family members giggling. This is another simple, yet huge game changer during a family session. Often times I will tell your family to have a little tickle party and that can sure get laughter.

Choose a fun and patient photographer

Not to toot my own horn, but I've been told many times how patient I am, during a photo session. :) I also make the session fun by including simple games during your session. Having a photogarpher who you are comfortable with and knows when to switch gears and give breaks when needed is so important.

Are you ready to book your session?

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