If you are wondering what to wear to your newborn photo shoot, I have some suggestions for you. It's always a good idea to find something you feel great in and is comfortable. We all know there are a lot of changes that go on when you have a baby and I want to help you find something you will feel comfortable wearing during your photo session. Plus, I want to make the outfit process for the family a breeze too.

Tip #1: Choose medium to light colors

Light color clothes are going to photograph best for indoor photos. There just isn't as much light indoors and the darker clothes tend to loose detail. Plus, wearing lighter closes lighten up your photos. When I say medium colored clothes I talking about rust colors, sage greens...that sort of thing. Light colors are whites, creams, grays, and really any light colors. Mixing light and medium colors is great too. Below is a palette of colors that will work beautifully for your indoor newborn photos. There is definitely wiggle room in these colors, but I find it so helpful to see the colors like this. If you're unsure if you have medium to light colors clothes picked out for your session, feel free to message me and show me a picture of your outfits.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure your clothes are not neon colors. I know neon falls into the medium to light colored clothing, but it casts really weird tones in photos and is very distracting. Really any colors that are too bright are not going to photograph as well. Going colorful is great, but with soft colors.

CHOOSE THESE COLORS. By: pointandpoem.etsy.com

Tip #2: Dress nice, but natural

You should choose clothes that are comfortable to be in and fit your style. This can be a loose dress, jeans and a top, etc. This is not the time for fancy clothes. However, you can totally wear a beautiful dress for your newborn session. They can be very comfortable. If jeans or legging is your jam, find a great top to go with one of them. When I had babies, I thought shirts that fit more loosely around my waist was most flattering.

When choosing clothes for your family, all baby needs is a white or solid colored onesie. Then have baby wrapped in a blanket, of course. As for the rest of the family, you also want to find nice and comfortable clothes for them. T-shirts, collared shirts, sweater...any of those work great. Just make sure colors go well with your outfit and are in the color palette above.

Tip #3: Don't forget hair and make-up

Even if it is just brushing through your hair and washing your face, make sure you do it. I always think it is a good idea to add a little mascara too at the very least. I know I'm not the only one who right after having a baby had more of a "wash my face every other day" kind of attitude. I mean, I just had a baby and was running on very little sleep. Plus, all I was concerned with was connecting with this little human and taking care of them. You are probably going to be a little or a lot sleep deprived, so doing a little more self-care than normal is going to be in your best favor. I say this with all the love and understanding. I want you to feel beautiful and also yourself.

Tip #4: Include a mix of texture, patterns and solids

This really makes the outfit. When you bring a pattern or maybe two, then fill the rest with solid colors, you are set. Texture is also a great way to help your outfits stand out without being too different in colors and blend well together. If you have more questions about doing this, please reach out. I'd love to help.

Tip #5: Dress Baby in a solid Onesie

Like I mentioned earlier, your baby should be in a solid colored onesie. A simple patterned onesie is actually really sweet too, but keep in mind that the pattern shouldn't be too busy. The onesie can be a long sleeve or short sleeve. It can also be white or any color from the color palette above. That would be ideal. Baby's onesie can even have texture. That's super cute too! During the session we can definitely take the onesie off and capture some photos that way. If you have any favorite baby swaddle blankets, have those pulled out. I'll bring a few swaddles as well. If you are having a baby girl and want to incorporate headbands or beanies, let me know. I have a bunch I can bring.

Tip #6: No sports clothes and avoid logos

I think this one pretty much says what is meant and doesn't need much explaining, but please avoid sports fabrics. They usually don't photograph well. Plus, they are usually not the best color for photographing. I definitely want family members to be comfortable, and if you have to go with some soft jogger pants, in most cases go with cotton. I know several little humans in my life that live in joggers sweatpants and it can be quite the struggle to convince them to wear jeans or other types of jogger pants. The struggle is real and we want everyone happy for photo day. Lucky enough, the jogger sweatpants come in some pretty cute colors and you pair it with the right top, equaling your problem is solved. I've linked a couple pants options below. Target has great deals on simple kids clothing.

Favorite toddler boy jogger pants

Option for toddler boy jogger sweatpants

Tip #7: Add a few extra accessories

Have a little fun and pick out some simple pieces of jewelry if you would like. Rings and necklaces are so in right now. If you have anything unique for baby, make sure to have this set aside. Sometimes mom's will have a quilt that grandma made and they want a photo or two with baby and the quilt. I love it!

Alright, there you have it, 7 tips to guide you through choosing what to wear for your baby's newborn session. I can't wait to be a part of this special time and photograph the beautiful miracle life has given your family.