Life is Good

Some of my favorite photos I have are the ones that were created by chance. When moments happen and I had a sense of appreciation or gratitude and realize how good we have it. Then, I quickly grab my camera and start photographing. Life is good.

Being in their own element

Right now, like many of you, I am home A LOT with my family. This got me to thinking about our lives and how our time is being spent right now, during this COVID-19. We are home all day, entertaining our kids and trying to not go crazy. Some of us are even training a puppy. ;) I am trying to enjoy this time with my family. I am looking at this time as possibly a once in a lifetime experience and trying to capture us just being. I want to remember what "just being" looked like right now. This is such a great time to take photos of your kids in their own element.

Capture "just being"

What do you think? Do you want to capture some of the greatest moments of "just being" during all this social distancing and seemingly boring, stressful, exciting days? Let's focus on the positive. Let's learn to see things in a different perspective. Let's take pictures together.

picture of a young boy's watercolor
Young boy painting a watercolor painting
young boy dipping paint brush in watercolor palette