Have you loved how "true" photography has become? I love this movement in the photography world. I love to capture real things happening in real people's lives and see the story being told. What story do you see with these boys? And don't you love the dog? I love all these little humans and that dog. These are my humans, my dog. Couldn't love them more.

brothers playing on parent's bed with a white comforter

The Story I See

These three have such an interesting relationship. The older two are best pals, even though my oldest won't admit to that. Then the youngest two are best pals and love to play everything together, from Legos to wrestling. I love that my middle boy has his younger brother to keep him young. When there was just the two older boys, I felt like my middle son was growing up too fast and missing out on little kid stuff. He wanted to keep up with older brother. Then we have the oldest and the youngest relationship. This one is tricky. They both love to annoy each other. It is a constant battle that sometimes makes me laugh and sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out. When they do get along, it melts my heart. This is the story I see. What do you see? Do you have similar relationships in your family?

boy and dog snuggling on bed
brothers having fun and tickling on bed
three brothers snuggling on bed, while youngest brother is laying on top of other brother
brother tickling his younger brother's toes while hanging out on parent's bed