Are you planning your CWU senior photos?

Hooray! Can you believe you are about to graduate?! Well, congratulations! What a huge accomplishment. And now you are wanting to plan out your photos session, so you can remember this special time and all the hard work it took to get to where you are today. Well, I would love to help you out with that. I have put together a few things to consider while you plan your session. Please, reach out with any other questions you might have. I am so excited for you!

I have some great ideas about where to take your CWU senior photos.

Why not take them at CWU campus!? I love this location. As you know, there are some pretty amazing buildings that look great in photos. Having your photos on campus will also give you that nostalgic feeling when you look back at them. Not only are you capturing the memory of you at this time, but you get to capture where you were and what it looked like then.

Having said all that, I do still love open fields and the wild nature for a photo location. If that is more up your alley, let's plan for that! I have so many favorites in the Ellensburg area. View these Ellensburg location ideas HERE.

Wondering what to bring and what to wear?

There are lots of options here. As far as what to bring, most of my seniors bring their three outfits and their graduation cap and gown. If you where a part of a certain group while going to CWU, them maybe you want to bring something that represents your participation. I have also had seniors bring their dog. Did you play an instrument there, participate is sports? Maybe you rode your bike there everyday, well, let's do a few bike photos! Really, so many options here. Let me know what you plan to bring so we can best prepare.

When you are planning your outfits, I recommend you bring three outfits. Have at least one dressier than the others. Then maybe have your other two outfits jeans and a t-shirt, sweater, etc. This is just a suggestion. Avoid sports clothes, unless you were a part of a team and that is part of your "props." Also, avoid neon. It doesn't photograph well.

The best time to schedule your CWU senior session is... the spring. I recommend March, April or May, specifically. This timeframe gives me the time to get photos back to you, since you will probably be using them to prepare for graduation. Then as big projects or finals approach, you will be ahead of the game. You will also have the time needed to make prints, graduation announcements, and post them all over social media to share your excitement about how close you are to graduating from CWU!

I also love to take photos in the spring, because there are usually blossoming trees on CWU campus.

Alright, I can't wait to plan this session with you and help you capture this milestone in your life. Message me if you haven't booked your session yet and would like me to create stunning and meaningful photos for you.

If you are a High School Senior, spring is also a great time to get cap and gown photos done. Bring your college shirts and sweatshirts too!

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