These are YOUR senior photos, so they should "be you."

When you choose outfits for your senior photo session here in Ellensburg, the most important thing to consider is that the clothes you wear are your style and go along with what you would normally wear. Don't go out and buy new clothes that you think should be in your senior photos. Start by going through your closet first, then if you want, you can buy a few things to add to what you already have. The bonus to using clothes you already have is you know how they fit you, if they are comfortable, and how they move on your body.

Pick out a variety of outfits.

I love and highly recommend choosing some dressy and some casual senior outfits. If you are a girl, have a dress or two, but also jeans with a cute blouse and t-shirt. If you are a boy, maybe what you will choose are slacks with a button up, then jeans with a few t-shirts to switch out. I think having 3 outfits picked out and ready to go for you session is ideal. Always, reach out to me if you need any help planning our outfits. I am happy to be a second or third opinion.

Plan Ahead

Right after, or even before you book a session, be planning what you want to wear. Don’t wait until the night before. That just adds unnecessary stress and don’t forget that beauty sleep the night before. ;) And remember, use me! I am here to help and more than happy to give suggestions! (Pinterest has some great ideas too!)

Layers and Accessories

Layers and accessories can add so much and a photo session is the perfect time to pull out some special jewelry or fancy shoes. Layers are fun to have to stay warm or if it is getting a little too warm, it can allow you to peel some off and give some variety in your wardrobe. Think about sweaters, cardigans, hats, boots, tights, vests, dressy coats, etc.

Looking for some local Ellensburg clothing shops?

I have included a few clothing shops you might be interested in checking out for your outfits. See below.

MAURICES: 116 E Fourth Ave, Ellensburg, WA 98926

CLAIM CLOTHING: 315 N Pearl St, Ellensburg, WA 98926

FLIRT : 104 W. 5th Ave. Ellensburg, WA 98926

HOUSE OF HART BOUTIQUE: 118 E 4th Ave Ellensburg Wa 98926

Last thing, leave the neon clothing and sports shorts at home! :)

senior girl walking down alley way
senior girl standing in front of mural on brick wall
senior girl walking by a brick wall in an alley way
senior girl in white dress in front of painted brick
senior girl smiling to the side in front of mural wall
senior girl sitting on steps and leaning again a wall, laughing
senior girl bent down in a white dress
senior photo session of girl in white dress standing in front of painted brick wall
senior girl photography session in front of green door
senior photography session with girl looking back while standing in front of green door

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