It's back! Here is a round-up of my favorite photo from your session. At least for now, I have lots of favorites every time. Ha!

Again, I have given them each a title. Scroll through and find which photo I chose from your session this year. I am so grateful to get to work with so many amazing people. Merry Christmas!!!

A Girl and Her Horse

Our New Arrival

The Physical Therapist's Assistant

Together We're More

A Walk to Remember

Senior Dreams

The Best Dance

Tickle Party

The Beauty

Outdoor Adventure with Our Babe

Wildflower Wonder

Frolicking in the Wildflowers

A Girl and Her Pup

A Legacy

The Legend

A Beauty in the Woods

The Grand Family

Laughter on the Logs

Lavender Girls

So in Love

You are My Sunflower

Family Means the Most

Flower Girl

Lady of the Water

Never a Dull Moment

Laughter in the Garden

Day at the Park

Looking to the Future

Senior Sunday

Our New Best Friend

Never Grow Up

That Cute Kid is Our Little Brother

We'll Always Be Besties

Come to Mama and Papa

"Yes, I know I'm Cute"

At the Apple Orchard

Party of 5

Grandma's Greatest Treasures

Walking Through Life

Life Couldn't Be Better

(I do have to give my husband credit for helping with this photo.)

On Top of the "Bus"

Here I Come World

Little Fingers

You, Me, and a Winter Wonderland

Well, that's a wrap! Hope you enjoyed looking through the photos over this past year. I sure enjoyed photographing your family and getting to know you. Can't wait to see you again next year! Take care and again, Merry Christmas!