Anytime is great to do photographs at Cle Elum Lake.

First off, if you are looking for a location that might have snow, Cle Elum Lake is a great option in the winter. I am not promising there will be snow, but it is possible in the winter.

Cle Elum Lake is unique because this lake is a reservoir and can be so full or so low. With that it changes the look, which is fun. Usually in the winter/spring time it is more full and summer time more low. There is even a website that shows the lake level for that day, if you are intereseted in that. I definitely am, because I want to know what part of the beach we will be using when I bring a family there for photos. Funny story, I was taking photos of a sweet family and I was telling them that I use this website to check on the lake levels and the husband said something like, "I'm pretty sure you are looking at the website I created. Didn't know anyone actually looked at that." :) It was great!

Is it best to come when the lake is high or low?

As I mentioned before, I keep a website pulled up on my phone that informs me what level the lake is at. Cle Elum Lake is connected to a dam, so sometimes it is high and sometimes is is very low. It is pretty amazing to see the difference. Both are beautiful, but I just love coming to the lake when it is high. There is just enough beach for photos and the water comes up to the driftwood. Like I said, there is plenty of space for photos, but you don't feel like you have to walk all over just to get some photos. Everything is within reach. It is so fun!

It's also amazing when the water is low. It obviously reveals more beach...lots more beach. It also reveals this fun village of bushy plants that create a fun spot for pictures too. Cle Elum Lake is great to go to year round.

If you would love family photos in the mountains, choose Cle Elum Lake.

Cle Elum Lake is beautiful, as you can see. Even though it is easy to get to, you truly feel like you are in the high mountains. It feels like you drove on windy dirt roads and hiked for hours just to get there, but you really didn't. I love that about Cle Elum Lake! Often times there will be amazing clouds too. If you are really lucky, you will catch the sun setting behind the majestic mountains. B E A U T I F U L !

Cle Elum Lake is easy to get to.

I absolutely love the easy access to Cle Elum lake. When looking for locations to take my clients, it is a deal breaker if the location is too hard to get to or too hard to find. It is important to me that my clients can feel confident and find their photo location pretty easily. This is something that I find helps a session run smoother and sets us off to a great start. The drive to Cle Elum Lake is pretty straight forward. You basically drive to Cle Elum, then through a little woodsy neighborhood, then there is the parking lot. (Don't worry, I will give you much more detailed instructions than that when you book a session here. Or really, just as google maps.)

Wonderful for stunning photos.

If you are looking to WOW yourself or family and friends with a stunning location for your photos, Cle Elum Lake is a your location! It really can take on moody and serious or fun and meaningful. The large trees, lake, mountains, and sand, all play a roll in this. Imagine having a family session, sitting and climbing on logs or walking your baby barefoot on the sand. Maybe you are a senior and want the variety of the logs, trees, mountains, sand and rocks/boulders (I haven't told you about the rocks yet! There is a big pile of them.) Photos at Cle Elum Lake are stunning and a scroll stopper!