The Mountains are Calling

Can you hear them? I think where all of us, being on a somewhat lockdown during this coronavirus worry, let's use this time to get out and explore. Explore new spots near you. Explore old favorite spots near you. Maybe it isn't the mountains calling you. Maybe it is the beach, the river, the pond, etc. There are so many beauties on this earth, just waiting to be found by you.

It is a known fact that getting outside and breathing in the fresh air is so mentally and physically healthy. I don't know about you, but I personally need that fresh air right now. I need to be in the outdoors. Even if this only means walking around our neighborhood. Luckily, we have some really neat nature parks within 10-20 minutes away. Since we are new to the Ellensburg area, having this extra downtime has given us no better time to explore these new places.

When the mountains call, you must go. Maybe I should say, when outside calls, you must go. Where is your favorite local place to explore?

Below is a photo session I did with a group of amazing photographers in the Corvallis, OR area. This was a beautiful trail that opened up to this beautiful view. Stunning, isn't it? It was freezing cold, but the clouds and sun peeking through couldn't be more amazing.