Get a Tween Session of your 10-12 Year Old

If you are wondering what a tween session is, well, it is exactly that, a photography session of your tween. I consider a tween being ages 10-12 years old. It is in this age range that many kids are starting to feel like they have more responsibilities and feel a little more grown up. They probably don't consider themselves a "little kid" anymore. To be honest, I don't consider them "little kids" anymore either. However, they are not quite in their teenage years, so what do we call this age group? We call them tweens. And what a great stage to be in!

smiling tween girl in a field while she plays with her hair

Build Your Tween's Confidence With a Tween Photography Session

Have you considered a session for your tween? I believe a tween session can give your tween daughter/son an opportunity to build their confidence. This photo session is all about them. They get to be in the spotlight, just them. (Maybe mom wants to jump in a photo or two and that sounds great to me!)

Being a tween is tough, stuck between being a kid and making it to a teenager. I don't want to look at it this way though. We often look at this tween stage as awkward or maybe not as important of a stage to document. Photographing babies is definitely a favorite session to document, and for good reason. A senior in high school is also a priority session to be done in a person's life, also for good reason. As kids are young, I notice them getting lots of attention when it comes to photos and documenting all the cute things they do. These are definitely some of my favorite stages. Yes, yes and yes! But today I want to point out the importance of this other special stage. The stage between all these other stages, the tween stage.

I have noticed tweens are just not photographed as much, let's change that.

tween girl walking in the field fixing her hair

You are Going to feel Joy When You Witness Your Tween in the Spotlight.

I want you to feel the joy of watching your tween blossom before your eyes during this session. Photos of your tween are going to be that constant reminder of how much you love your tween. Remind them of that. Gift your tween a session. I would love to plan a session with you and your tween, that will give them their well deserved moment to shine. Let's celebrate the beautiful and handsome growing young people in our lives.