Today I wanted to talk about the mini session. Some of you have asked, why a mini session for you or your family. Well, hopefully today I can answer the questions and concerns you have. Many photographers offer “mini sessions” when booking a shoot, and sometimes that can get a little confusing. What is a mini session? Why should you choose it? What can be photographed as a mini session instead of a full length session?

What is a mini session?

This is going to sound pretty simple, but a mini session is a shorten version of a full session. Every photographer probably does them a little differently. My mini sessions last about 20 minutes. I take loads of photos while we are together. Then I edit 25-35 images for you to pick your favorite 10. After you pick you 10 favorites, I send you a download pin, so you can get those puppies downloaded and sent off to be printed. If you are worried you might have a hard time picking out only 10, I do offer buying more at a very reasonable price.

I schedule mini sessions once in the spring and once in the fall. And by once, I mean one weekend in the spring and one weekend in the fall. They are usually held Friday and Saturday evenings. I also prearrange the locations for mini sessions. Some people really love the simplicity of a mini session. Everything is picked out and arranged. All that is left to do are the outfits. And I definitely will help you there too.

Should you choose a mini session?

Mini sessions really are an awesome alternative for those on a tight budget or those who plan to do more than one session in a year. I treat them pretty much the same as a full length session, but like I mentioned earlier, the number of pictures yielded is less and the amount of shooting time spent together is less. This outcome brings a smaller price, which might be what you are looking for.

When considering whether you should choose a mini session, you may be thinking about your loved ones. Sometimes our husbands are not always jumping up and down for family photos. I get that. Maybe you are worried your little person/people won't make it through a full length session. I also get that. I suggest trying out a mini session. Once you try that out, maybe the next year you will be ready to graduate to the full session. Or maybe you will find that a mini session works perfectly for your family.

What can be photographed as a mini session?

Most family related session types can be done as a mini session. It is common for me to photograph family, maternity, child, and seniors as a mini session. I try to be flexible. The only session I don't do as a mini are indoor newborn/baby sessions. All my mini sessions take place outdoors and at a predetermined location.

Well, I hope this brought to you a better understanding of what a mini session is and how they work. What do you think? Is a mini session for you? Please let me know if you have any other questions. If you think you rather book a full length session, please contact me by clicking on the "Contact" tab above. I can't wait to hear from you! (Mini sessions do book quickly. If you haven't subscribed to my mailing list/newsletter, reach out and I can add you or fill out your email when you are prompted through the pop-up. My mailing list gets notified first when I will be doing mini sessions.)