You should book your newborn session at least 2 months before your due date.

It is always a good idea to get on the photographer’s calendar before you get too close to your due date. 2 months before your due date gives you a good amount of time to find a photographer. Even earlier usually insures you have a time slot with the photographer you want. 

Photographers only schedule a limited number of newborn sessions a month.

Most photographers only schedule a certain number of newborn sessions a month. This alone is a good reason to get on their calendar early to reserve a spot.

Newborns can be photographed anytime in their 1st month in a lifestyle session.

That’s right! Anytime within the 1st month of baby’s life is a great time to photograph them. I love this flexibility, because I think it also helps the parents get a little more comfortable with the idea of a newborn. Everyone is different. Maybe you will be ready for a session just a week after baby is born or maybe you want to take advantage of a session four weeks after baby is born. 

Your baby does NOT have to be less than 2 weeks for a lifestyle session.

You have maybe heard or read about newborn photos having to happen within 2 weeks or even 10 days of their newborn life. Well, that might be true if you are looking to have a very posed and propped newborn session, but not for a lifestyle newborn session that is naturally posed.

A Fresh 48 session at the hospital is another idea for your newborn session.

Fresh 48 sessions happen at your hospital. They take place around 2 days of baby being born, because you are still at the hospital. Learn more about a FRESH 48 PHOTOGRAPHY session.

newborn baby boy awake laying on his lemon print swaddle blanket

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