Below I have put together a little guide and something to think about as you consider which season to book your photo session in Ellensburg, WA.


Months: March - May

Time: This is going to change, depending on the month, sunny or cloudy, and daylight savings time. However, you can count on your session starting in the evening and about an hour before sunset. So in the Spring, that will range from 4:45pm - 7:45pm. Earlier in the day photos will happen closer to March and later photos will happen more in May. There is some flexibility with time, but really, on a sunny day, that hour before sunset is magical, so I shoot for that. If the day is really cloudy, I usually start 1.5 - 2 hours before sunset.

Locations: As you probably know, the locations around Ellensburg in the Spring are going to be that mix between golden grasses to new green life coming from the ground and trees. It really is beautiful to see the earth coming to life again.

Clothing: Spring can still be a little chilly, especially in the evenings. Keep that in mind as you plan your outfits. It tends to be a bit more windy in the spring too. Wear layers and dress warm.


Months: June - August

Time: Again this is going to change, depending on the month. You can count on your session starting in the evening and about an hour before sunset. So in the Summer, that will range from 6:30pm - 8pm. June and July are going to be your later summer sessions. The closer you get to August, the earlier in the evening your session will be. There is some flexibility with time, but I still shoot for that hour before sunset timing. If you have really young kids or kids that go to bed early, think about an August session, so it is not so late for them. We want everyone happy and comfortable for photos.

Locations: Summer time brings leaves fully on trees and a warm summer feel. I love that look of summer. It just seems so healthy and happy. I think summer is my favorite time for family photos. Maybe...

Clothing: Summer evenings in Ellensburg sometimes welcomes shorts and short-sleeves. You can still get away with pants and long dresses. Lots of options.


Months: September - November

Time: Still plan on your session starting in the evening and about an hour before sunset. In the Fall, that will range from 3pm - 6:30pm. Earlier evening photos will happen closer to November and later evening photos will happen closer in September time. Remember to keep in mind, if it is a sunny day, photos will happen about an hour before sunset. If it is a cloudy day, photos will happen 1.5-2 hours before sunset. Fall photos here in Ellensburg, I recommend you schedule your outdoor session for September or October. By November, it is getting pretty cold. November is a great time to book an in-home session if that interests you.

Locations: With Fall can come some pretty beautiful colors. In Ellensburg, the trick is to catch the deciduous trees before they loose their leaves, they are beautiful. Having said that, I also absolutely love the open fields and Howard Way Trail in the Fall. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.


Months: November - February

Time: If you are wanting to brave the cold and do outdoor photos during the Winter, we will schedule your session about an 1.5-2 hours before sunset. So in the Winter, that will range from 2:30pm - 4:45pm. These sessions are pretty early if outdoors and pretty cold. Daylight Savings ends in November, so we play around that as well.

Locations: Winter has its own type of beauty. Many things are bare, but just add some good earthy colors to your outfits and it is such a beautiful addition. If you want to try out in-home photos with your family, winter is the perfect time to do this. We are still in the baking mood and sharing snuggly moments together in our homes. There are so many ideas for an in-home session. Donuts in bed, make cookies or pancakes in the kitchen, or simply play in the living room. In-home photography sessions happen in the late morning.

Clothes: If you are going to take your session outdoors, BUNDLE UP! Winter photos means lots of layers. Scarves, vests, coats, boots, hats, etc. Maybe your want photos of your family going sledding. Chances are we will get snow here or near Ellensburg. If you are going to opt for an in-home session, keep is casual or dress up a bit. You are in your home after all. Feel free to keep it REAL! I also like to suggest dressing for the activity(ies) you choose to do in your home. Maybe you are going to have pastries in bed or make morning pancakes in you pajamas. Maybe you want to were you everyday clothes or dress it up with dresses, etc. Have any questions about an in-home session, just contact me!

All the above options are beautiful in my mind. Think through the time of year you are looking to have your outdoor family session. One thing I mentioned briefly is you have to obviously think about what time of year works best for your family schedule. Do you have young kids who go to bed early? Will your kids hate the cold? Would your family prefer to be in your own home? Is there a time of year you or your husband are busier with work? All things to consider. Please, reach out if you have any questions. I would love to help!

Every season is going to have its perks here in Ellensburg. When will you choose to get photos done?