“Yes, your family is your world, but remember, you are a part of that world.”

Family photos are important, because moms are important.

Don’t get me wrong, your family is important too, but how often are us moms the ones not in the pictures because we are taking the pictures? Very often. One way I try to make up for this is an occasionally selfie with those I love, but this really isn’t the same. Those are important too, but you aren’t really photographing the same thing you would get in a lifestyle family photography session, right?

You need to be in photos with your kids.

Your kids need to see you. Especially, later in life we want to have those memories photographed with our parents and see the love they had for us. Photographing memories with you and your kids (in the same photo), is showing them/reminding them how much you love them. That is HUGE! We never know how long we will have each other. Also, having these photos helps tell your story.

You need to be in photos with your husband.

This is kind of the same thing I mentioned before, but your husband and kids need to see you with your husband. The road life takes us on sometimes is a busy one of raising kids and somehow, sometimes couples are lost in that shuffle. Taking the time to have photos with your spouse shows you really do care. 

You need photos of you. 

Yes, your family is your world, but remember, you are a part of that world. If you want to photograph your family’s life, you need to be in those photos. Makes sense, right? I know you know this. I know you want this for your family. I am more than happy to help you make this happen.