1. They're just different!

I'm going to start out with the obvious here. In-home family photo sessions are not the norm. Sure you see some people do them, but not many. If families do an in-home photo session it is usually for their newborn photos. The most common family photo session is an outdoor fall setting. Even though I love fall family photos, I say, shake it up a bit and plan a fun in-home session for your family this year. Especially if you are looking to wow your friends. Start your new year with a fresh start with photos of your family in your home. Document this amazing new year you've just jumped into.

2. We get to plan simple activities your family enjoys.

When we plan your in-home photo session, I'll ask what your family likes to do at home. Many time I'm photographing families reading books together, or playing on the floor. Sometimes families are making cookies, having dance parties and let's not forget about the snuggles.

3. We can even do some photos outside.

Let's break it up by bringing the family outside, even if it is cold. Maybe there will be snow! I love to start a session indoors, then end them outdoors. Not only does this give your family a variety of photos, but it is great for kids. Taking the session outside for a bit is usually exciting to kids and gives them more space to do more things they love. Photos we have done outside after an indoor session is playing on the porch, running in the field, checking on their chicken, playing in their playhouse, snuggling their dogs, building a snowman, etc.

4. I'll photograph some of your everyday life.

Why is this important you might be thinking? If we look back, it's not only the big monumental events that are important to us in our life. So many of the simple moments we share at home are what we look back on and miss. For example, I look back and think about the same books we read over and over to our now 16 year old when he was a toddler. Those books will forever have a special place in my heart. Those books remind me how sweet and curious our boy was. They remind me of the giggles he would have every time at the same spot in each book. I'm also reminded about how proud he felt when he could find the hidden things on the pages. Those moments are simple, but so meaningful. Besides, kids love being in their own element and doing what's comfortable to them. I want to photograph and capture the memories that are close to your everyday lives. It's quite possible you don't realize how much you cherish these little moments.

5. You'll be in your space.

So, you may know that I used to have a little studio space in my home where I would take newborn photos. There were so many things I loved about that little space and what I created there. However, I always felt like my photos lacked something. Looking back, I know they were lacking connection with who those people were. I believe coming to your home and photographing your family in your space better tells your story and who your family is. Yes, I can definitely capture your family connection anywhere, but being in your home and your porch, etc. is just different and special.

6. I can turn what looks like plain and boring, to special.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I can turn what you might think is a boring or ugly background into just the perfect photo for your family. It's amazing what angling the camera, adding some depth of field, and then creating the focus of the photo, can do to make a photo pop with meaningfulness. Don't be afraid if you think your home isn't perfect or the snow outside is too yucky. I got you covered. We will create fun photos you'll love.