Pregnancy is Stunning

I’ve said this several times before, but pregnancy really is stunning. Growing a baby can be hard, but it is such a miracle.  There is something so miraculous and so touching about a mother with a baby bump. Not to mention the sweet glow that comes. It’s something special and is a passion of mine to help mom’s/mothers-to-be, see how special and beautiful their growing body is.

Don’t shy away from the camera, you’re beautiful!

I get it, we all want to look our best when we step in front of a camera. What I want to accomplish here is you can look amazing in photos with the right direction. More important than that, is I want you to know just how amazing and wonderful pregnancy is and let’s not hide from this beautiful stage of life. Embrace the nature or our bodies and the miracle it is to grow a precious baby.


For our kid’s sake, we want to share and remember pregnancy as a special time.

When you read that pregnancy test that showed a positive pregnancy, you were probably thrilled, scared, excited, nervous, wanting to shout it to the world how happy you were, etc. It’s amazing! Now, it definitely has its challenges and can feel so uncomfortable too, but it’s worth it. Kids need to see this. They need to see that just because something is hard or uncomfortable, doesn’t mean we didn’t like it or wouldn’t do it again. They need to also see the beautiful side of things. I believe something as simple as getting maternity photos can do this. Get dressed up and show off this wonderful moment. When you look back at these photos with your child(ren) you can share the excitement you felt, anticipating their arrival. Remember the real feelings of love you had for them, even before you met them in person. As your kids someday turn into adults, you’ll have these photos to remember those early years, when things where simply a different time. Just think about all the experiences you’ve had in that amount of time and how you’ve changed from an expecting mother to an experienced mother. You will never wish you had it any other way.


I will take flattering photos of you, I got you!

If you are worried about the extra baby weight that comes with pregnancy, I encourage you to see it another way. See it as a temporary change that needs to happen to help your baby grow. It’s just a change. It doesn’t mean you are overweight; you are a healthy women, growing a baby. Also, it is my job, to capture you at all the best angles and share with you the beautiful women you have grown into. Motherhood is beautiful. Let me show you how beautiful you are. You will not regret having these photos.


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