I am excited to photograph you and your loved ones. Custom photography is quite unique because it not only captures what you look like at that time, but it captures who you are. My focus is to capture honest photos of your family. The goal is not to take a stiff and posed shot with all eyes looking at the camera, but to capture real connection with your family. I love using natural light and creating images that become artwork in your home.

Because I value every one of my families and want you to have the best experience, I have created this guide to answer questions and help you feel more prepared for your photo session. I know how valuable your time and investment is. My goal is to give you a fun and relaxing experience and deliver photos you love. Take a look at the information below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email. I can't wait to plan this session with you!

So you're ready to book your session. Now what?

You will be getting an invoice via email to pay for your session fee. When you pay your session fee, you are officially booking your session and locking in your photo date. This covers time taking photos, editing and your private gallery. This deposit in transferable, but non-refundable in most situations. If you need to change your session date, please let me know at least a day before. The sooner the better. Your session fee will move to your new session date.

After photo day and within 2-3 weeks, I'll send you your photo gallery via email. From there you will choose your favorite photos and which collection you would like to purchase. See more info HERE.

tween boy laughing to the side as he poses for a photo

What will my mini session be like?

I schedule a couple days a year and plan several mini sessions back-to-back, so when you should up I will have communicated where to meet me. I almost always have a family meet me in the parking area, but sometimes this changes. If I am not there when you show up, just know that I am probably finishing up a session with another family. On that note, it is extremely important you show up to your session a few minutes early, so I can start you session on time. If you do not show up on time, I can not push your session past it's ending time. Your session will be cut to the time we have left. This shouldn't be a problem. Almost 100% of my mini sessions run smoothly since families plan to come 10-15 minutes early.

When you show up, I'll hand you a contract to sign, then we start the session. I will walk your family through simple and fun poses that create nature moments between your family. There will be times that we also just let things happen and I will follow kids through the motions and capture all the real moments. We let kids be kids during the session. :)

I do ask that you remind your family that these are lifestyle photos and not the traditional type of photos where everyone is looking at the camera. Please let your family know that they are not expected to look at the camera. If it happens, that's just fine, but please let your family know to not tell each other to look at the camera. This can stress parents or kids out. Instead, you can tell family members you are going to play, explore, hug, smile, etc. with each other. Thank you so much.


All my mini sessions are planned for a predetermined location. I announce this location when I announce my yearly mini session dates. If you missed the location when signing up, no problem. Just ask me and I'll let you know your location, depending on which day you signed up for.


I usually schedule my mini session event for late afternoon and evening times. This is going to be a little different depending on the time of year and sunset times.

Length of Session:

Your session will last about 15-20 minutes. I am super quick and productive. I have had lots of practice and can easily get a diverse gallery for you in this amount of time. If you feel you might want more time, look into booking a full session instead. Just message me and we can chat about that option.

What To Wear: 

Your outfits should be comfortable, reflect who you are and fit well with the season. Feel free to keep outfits simple with jeans and t-shirts, get real fancy, or anywhere in between. I am going to say this again, because it is super important: please choose clothing that fits well with the season. If you, your husband or kids are too hot or too cold, they are not going to feel very comfortable and it might show through photos. I try hard to help your session run smoothly, but this is one thing I need you to plan for. If it is cold, make sure kids are bundled up. If it is hot, don't wear sweaters. :) Here is a helpful guide on WHAT TO WEAR. Thank you!


I don't really use props in my mini session photos. Occasionally, I'll bring a blanket, but that's about it. If there is something special you would like to include, let's chat about it and make a plan.

Your Children: 

I don't want you to stress about your kids. I know kids feel more comfortable in their home and also might act a little differently with a photographer there. Don't worry. I am use to this (I have four kids myself). My favorite images I get of kids are when they are playing, being silly, connecting with family and exploring. This is why we plan some activities during your session, so we can keep kids busy and entertained and create the best photos of your family. Most of the time, your job it going to just "be" with the child(ren), or hold the child and we go from there. The real magic happens when we let the kids be themselves.

If your children are young, make sure they are rested and have had a snack, water and used the restroom or had a diaper change before the session. Also, make sure their face is wiped clean. Prepare your child(ren) for the session by letting them know that a friend will be taking some photos of them, I think it's best not to surprise them.

Alright, I can't wait to capture your family!  Again, do not hesitate to ask me any questions you have!