Capturing Memories at Christmas

When it comes to making memories, Christmas time stands out to me to be the perfect time to make and capture memories. We all have created different traditions to keep each year. These are the moments we turn into photos to capture during Christmas. The top three for my family are decorating the Christmas Tree, Christmas baking and Christmas morning. The photos below are photos captured throughout the many Christmases we have made together.

three kids gathered around a Christmas tree

Decorating the Christmas Tree

I love the warm glow that bounces off faces as they decorate the Christmas tree. This is for sure one of my favorite photos to capture with my sweet kiddos. If you want to capture this type of photo during Christmas, plan for an evening, turn all the other lights off and gather the kids to the tree. The Christmas tree lights will be the only lights giving light to your photos. If you have already decorated the tree, no problem. Have the kids gather around and ask them to share which ornaments are their favorites. Remember to take photos from all perspectives. Above, from below, from the side, etc.

a girl squeezing frosting on a gingerbread house

Christmas Baking

I am sure most of us enjoy all the Christmas baking, whether you are the one baking or the one eating the baked goods. Baking Christmas sweets is such a huge part of our Christmas. All the sweet and warm smells of cookies coming out of the oven and eating way too many is definitely a memory our family shares every Christmas. Oh, how I wish sugar was healthy.

family sitting around living room on Christmas morning

Christmas Morning

Do you have traditions on Christmas morning? At our house, Santa takes the stockings from their hooks after filling them and sets them on the couch. The kids have to line up youngest to oldest before they can go in the room with their stockings. After opening stockings, we have a special Christmas breakfast. Christmas breakfast usually consists of some type of egg casserole, Grandma Jo's coffee cake, hot cocoa and fruit. Then we head into the living room where we read the story of Christ's birth and open presents. Opening presents is done one by one. After you get to open a present, you pick another present for someone else and they get to open it. This then continues until all the gifts are opened. The rest of our day is made by checking out our gifts, playing games, working on puzzles and enjoying our time together. I look forward to these traditions every year.

dachshund licking paws in front of Christmas tree

Alright, I have included one more picture for fun. This is an everyday occurrence, but one that I had to capture because it took place in front of the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!