I'm Here!

Dear Ellensburg,

I'm here! It took us awhile and I wish it hadn't, but I believe fully in taking what you get and doing the best you can with it. My husband started his new job that moved us here in October 2019. We finally sold our house and found a house to buy and moved here the end of January 2020. Which all in all, really wasn't that long, but it did seem like forever at the time.

When moving day rolled around, the moving company contacted us to let us know that they were not going to be able to move us until the next week because the weather was not going to be good. Noooooooo! Can you image the added stress and anxiety that news can give a person? Well, we still pulled kids out of school on the original planned day and played hooky to keep us distracted from the idea we were supposed to move and couldn't for a week...hopefully...weather pending.

Well, enough of that story. We made it and I am so ready to explore and discover all you have to offer.

Umtanum Creek Trail

A few weeks back, my family went and explored the Umtanum Creek Trail. On the drive the kids were less than pleasant, but I was so excited we were finally checking out a place to go roam in the Ellensburg area. Plus, we might find a perfect photography location. Well, it was the beginning of February and if you can image what it might be like in Central Washington in the winter, well, the entire, shaded trail was a thick sheet of ice. No one was getting on that trail without falling down every step of the way. There was no way we were getting back in the van at this point. Luckily, there wasn't much snow on the nearby hills, so up we went.

In life I want so badly for my kids to look forward to hiking, breathing fresh air, feeling the wind whip their hair all sorts of directions and simply enjoying the good outdoors. Thank you Umtanum Creek Trail for providing all of this for my kiddos. They had a great time running around. They loved watching our dachshund hop around and over the short grasses and bushes. We definitely will be returning, but probably not until summer. We really want to walk your trail and see where we are lead.