Hey Ellensburg, I want to tell you why I love lifestyle family photography.

In this post, I am hoping to help you understand what a family lifestyle session is like and if it is the right type of session for your family. I have blogged about the lifestyle approach HERE. You have probably seen this lifestyle idea floating around all over the internet and social media. It has become so popular, and for good reason. Let me share why I think so.

Lifestyle photography provides your family with authentic photos.

By authentic, I mean real, genuine, natural, etc. Wouldn't you rather have photos of your family showing their real personalities than photos of everyone looking at the camera with forced smiles? Think about the added stress parents might feel if the baby isn't looking up, or your wiggly toddler doesn't want to do anything you ask, because they don't like confinement. This brings me to my next question...

Lifestyle photography is less stressful.

Now, I can't actually guarantee a completely stress-free session, but I can promise you, a lifestyle session is going to be just about as close as you get. Maybe the closest. When you can remove the expectation that everyone has to be looking at the camera, AT THE SAME TIME, you remove this huge barrier that stresses out families. This is going to minimizes tantrums from kids of all ages. Even adults! :)

Obviously, sometimes families will want a couple photos of everyone looking at the camera and that is okay too. I just don't push it or spend too much time on that.

Lifestyle photography shows connection.

Lifestyle sessions are all about connection. This is why I love this approach to photography so much. I love the family connection. I love the truth being told in a lifestyle session. Think about this...when you see a photo of all persons looking and smiling at the camera, versus a photo of the persons interacting and just being together, how do you feel about each photo? What I feel with the first is a boring, but nice photo. With the last, I feel connection. I feel a story about real people who live real lives and who love each other.

What do you think?

Is a lifestyle session for you? Will this sort of session meet your needs and the needs of your family? Think about it and let me know if you have any questions HERE.

family with three boy siblings walking in front of parents