I am here for you.

Are you hesitant when stepping in front of the camera? Does this hold you back from wanting to be in photos with your family? Well, I am here for you. Not only am I trying to capture connection and flattering posing, but I naturally walk you through poses, you may forget there is a camera snapping photos of you. Instead, you will feel like you are just there snuggling, loving and playing with your family.

Even my “uncomfortable” clients are always happy with the photos they get.

I would say a quarter of the people I photograph will tell me at the beginning of a session how uncomfortable they feel getting pictures taken. 100% of them get their pictures back and love the results. So, don't worry, I got you. Trust your photographer.

Don’t worry, I guide you through natural poses.

I guide my clients through poses that create comfortable and authentic photos. My poses encourage you to feel natural and set you up in ways that you would normally interact with your family. There is lots of hugging, holding hands, looking at each other and playing. Sometimes there is snuggling, laughing and walking together. Sound familiar? These are all things that are easy to do and allow you to feel comfortable and natural. We got this!

I am here to take care of you and make sure you look good.

One of my unique ways of seeing the world and photographing your family is through different angles and what I like to call, perspectives. I love getting a variety of angles during your photo session, which allows me to not only get unique photos of your family, but photos you will fall in love with. I try to capture all the flattering angles as well. On top of that, you get to choose through many photos to pick your favorites.

Loose fitting clothes are usually more flattering than tight.

I don’t mean for you to wear a tent and you know your body best. However, if you are like me and feel uncomfortable about your midsection, wear a sweater, dress or shirt that is loose in that area. Your clothes should still fit, but if you have areas that you are uncomfortable with, keep things loose or cover them. This will help you go into your session feeling comfortable and confident. Cardigans are another great clothing piece that looks nice and can help you feel more comfortable. Find out more ideas about WHAT TO WEAR.

You are beautiful exactly how you are.

I am a firm believer of this. There is no perfect body type, hairstyle, perfect nose or chin. You are unique in the way you look and that is beautiful. I am going to capture all that beauty in the photographs I creatively take of you and your family. Much of that beauty is shown through the connections you share. We are going to create authentic and meaningful photos together. I can’t wait!

We are going to have a fun session and get the pictures you want!

mother and daughter hug in a golden grass field trying to stay warm