I love involving siblings in a newborn photography session.

This shows the real and meaningful moments during the first several days of a newborn. (And possibly those tiny moments that almost get forgotten in time and with lack of sleep.) Of course, their siblings are going to be right there and wondering what this new little person is like. Newborns are a highlight and main focus and siblings want to know what all the fuss is about. They are going to think the whole process of caring for this new baby as a curious thing, and that is so beautiful.

It wouldn’t be a newborn lifestyle photography session without the siblings.

Just like it wouldn’t be a newborn lifestyle photography session without the parents. In lifestyle photography, real, everyday moments are being captured. These real everyday moments include siblings and the family. Learn more about my LIFESTYLE APPROACH TO PHOTOGRAPHY.

I love to photograph siblings interacting with their newborn brother/sister.

This might mean having them sit there next to your newborn baby on the bed or floor. Maybe they are old enough to hold their baby brother or sister on the couch. Maybe a parent is holding their newborn and the sibling(s) are snuggled up close, observing their sibling. All if this is so sweet and tender, but changes so quickly as baby grows up.

Maybe your child isn’t interested in their newborn sibling. That’s OKAY.

This is common. And maybe your pictures will look more like big brother/sister are playing with their favorite toys on the floor while mother rocks her newborn. Lifestyle photography is so powerful in moments like this. It gives flexibility in all situations to photograph how YOUR life looks. And that is beautiful and so meaningful. 

Please, let me know if you have any concerns with how siblings in a newborn photography session will work out.

family sitting on bed while sibling point and touch their newborn brother