Are you planning a newborn photo session?

I sure hope so! Newborn photos are like nothing else! Nothing is sweeter than a new, new baby. Why do you think we love puppies and kittens so much? Then they get big, and sure, we still love them, but honestly, they just aren't as sweet as when they were itty-bitty. I think we love little sweet things, because they usually need us to survive and it is built into us to nurture and care for other living things. When it comes to our own babies, well there is a far different connection we share. This connection is what I want to photograph and share with your family. It means so much!

Let's keep the session simple

You just had a baby! The last thing you need is a stressful, complicated event to plan. Instead, before baby comes, book a photo session, get help from your photographer to pick out clothing, then let you photographer know when baby has arrived. At that point, we schedule the actual date and time of your photo session. THAT'S IT!!! If you book a session with me, we keep things beautiful, yet simple.

No deep cleaning required

When I come over to take photo, you literally don't need to scrub your house from top to bottom. That seems impossible and probably the last thing you should even consider when you've just had a baby. You should be snuggling that baby, taking naps and taking in all the slow time your family gets for a short minute. Maybe do a little pick up the night before, but honestly, when I get there, I can move things I think might be in the photos.

Are newborn photos worth it?

I say 100% yes!!! Your sweet baby is only this little and tiny once. As a newborn they grow and change so fast. You want to remember there sweet face and moments from being a newborn. I also think the connection between siblings and their newborn baby brother or sister is like nothing else. I love photographing the tenderness and curiosity siblings have for there new baby.

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