UPDATE: Right now I have decided to only offer in your home or outdoor newborn sessions. Please reach out with questions.


I want to welcome you to my studio. If you have been following me for awhile, you will notice quite a difference in my new space verses my previous one. When my husband accepted a different job and I realized we would be leaving the Portland, OR area (after living there 10 years) and coming to Ellensburg, WA, I knew two things right off about my business. 1) I knew I wanted to continue with my photography adventure as a business and 2) I knew this move would be the perfect time to make some changes to Brindy Ruby Photography. Here is one change that has happened, my studio. At our old house I had a separate space from my studio. Here in Ellensburg, my studio is shared with our guest room. I actually love this! It completely goes along with my minimalist approach in life.

Scroll down, I would like to show you and welcome you to my new in-home studio.

decorative chalkboard welcome sign
simple white bedroom photography studio

New Studio

Keeping it Simple

That's it! Pretty simple, huh!? I used to have a full on backdrop panel wall with a matching wood platform. I also used all my newborn props to decorate the area. There were big industrial shelves where I stored folded basket fillers and displayed photos I had taken. It was a fun space and I liked it, but I was feeling I wanted something different. My old space was starting to feel cluttered and not me anymore. Keeping it simple felt like the right direction for me and so far it is feeling really good.

little boy laughing on a bed

The Fun We Have

Scroll down and check out all the fun we have! I just love the simplicity and the focus that zooms in on my subject(s) verse having all the distractions of stuff filling the room. Don't get me wrong, I do like decor and decorating with "stuff". My husband teases me sometimes about the "roadside garbage" I have hanging on our walls. To clarify, two are old antique nut trays and I did not get them on the side of the road. I bought them at an antique store, (which maybe makes that problem worse, since I paid for "garbage"). I happen to like my "garbage". Another is an old screen door. If Joanna Gaines can do it, so can I! (Love her!) Anyway, there is something about having a room of just whites to provide the perfect studio for my clients. I feel like this simple style can also allow for any seriousness or fun that is to be had during a session.

dachshund sitting on bed with little boy
little boy kneeling on bed and smiling

How Much Space do I Need for a Studio?

Alright, you really don't need much space for a studio. This studio room I am using now is only about 10 1/2' x 12 1/2'. My studio before this was maybe even a little smaller. I love that my space is a bedroom. It makes it the "real" thing. When I am taking photos for your family and come to your home, the master bedroom is one of my favorite spots for photos. So, I love that this space resembles the master bedroom. Plus, it has a closet, so I can store all my photography things, keeping everything within reach.

little boy laying on bed smiling
little boy with serious face on  bed
little boy smiling and looking out window

Hope You Can Come By Soon

Here is your invitation. I would love to photograph your sweet baby and family. Whether we do them here at my studio or in your home, I would love to be a part of it! Can't wait to meet you and hope you can come by soon!