Perfect Photos Every Time

I absolutely love going to the Oregon coast to take photos. Whether you go on a cloudy day or in the evening of a sunny day, the photos are always phenomenal. Seriously, perfect photos every time! Especially out on the open beach, you get this amazing light, bouncing off the water, sand and sky.

One thing I love about photos at the Oregon coast is getting to experience the variety it has to offer. Not only is there this gorgeous, sandy beach, but you have the tuffs of grass, trees, logs, cliffs and at this specific location, this amazing red rock. So enchanting, right?

I also find that being at the Oregon coast, there is a lot to entertain and give children excitement. The sand feels so good to run your fingers through and play with, just no throwing please. :) When kids find logs, there is something internally that tells them to see if they can walk across it and maybe even stay awhile to play with this log/driftwood. These experience create some of my favorite photos.

Oh, how sad I am to not live so close to the Oregon coast anymore. Or even the Washington coast, assuming it is very similar. It was such a fun and different location to take my clients to. Someday I will make it back.

What is you ideal photo location and why?

mother and children nestled together under trees
child catching raindrops in her mouth
siblings snuggles together in a blanket
child dancing in front of orange rock at seal rock oregon coast

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