Now that our family has lived in Ellensburg for a few years, I have found a few more favorite spots to take photos. I can't wait to share these with you.

Paul Rogers Wildlife Park - year round

This beautiful location, like many other locations, changes beautifully throughout the year. You can come in the winter and get snow photos, in the spirng and get the new growth, in the summer when it is thriving or in the fall with golden colors. This location is located in Ellensburg, WA, so it is close by for us locals. YAY!

young boy walking down a path at the paul rogers wildlife park in ellensburg, wa
little ellensburg cowboy sitting on a fallen tree

Ellensburg Wildflower Mountain Area- late spring/early summer

This location was specially scouted out by myself and I will say, I'm a little hesitant to share exactly where this is. No, it is not "my" spot. I am a believer of community over competition. However, I don't want tons of people out there in the short window of time the flowers are there. So, please don't ask me exactly where this is unless you book a session with me. Then of course I'll be giving you detailed instructions. :) I'm hoping to keep this a special location where I can take the families I serve to get stunning wildflower photos in the mountains. Plus, it is only 20 minutes from the center of Ellensburg! I also have a blog dedicated to this location since it is one of my more popular locations, click HERE. If you book a session late May to early June, this will be the prime time for wildflowers (photo on the right). The grasses continue to grow and the wildflowers change to what you see in the photo on the left. This was late June.

high school senior girl stands in the mountian wildflowers with the sun setting
four kids playing up in the mountains amoung many wildflowers near ellensburg, wa

Teannaway River - Summer/early fall

Sorry guys, but this is another spot I've found that is a bit of a small photo spot, so I won't be sharing exactly where this location is in this post. I will say it is just too fun! You bring your family, tween, senior, whoever, here and are bound to have a lot of fun and get a little wet (if wanted, but I suggest it)! I actually haven't been out here in the winter or spring yet, but I'm assuming the river is high at least in the spring, so wouldn't have as much dry area to walk around. Probably wouldn't want to play in the water then anyway. I'll keep you posted on this location for winter and spring photos. I'd love to take photos of you here in the summer or fall time! This location is only about 25 minutes from Ellensburg, WA.

parents each holding one of their twin sons and splashing their feet in the teannaway river
senior girl walking along the teannaway river near ellensburg

Reecer Creek Mountain Area - Late spring/summer/early fall

This spot has the views. It is another mountain spot that is close to Ellensburg. The drive up the hill I'd say I don't love since it gets a little narrow for two cars to pass, but it is so worth it once you get to the top. You will get detailed directions when you book your session here. Lost of fun play and exploration to happen at this mountain photo location. (NEW pictures coming soon!)

little girl standing in mountain wildflowers as parents walk up behind her
girl sitting on a blanket in the middle of mountain wildflowers

Olmstead Place State Park - year round

I have a whole blog post about this beautiful location. Not only is it a great place for photos, but it is a fun place to take your family and learn a bit of Kittitas Valley history. It has lots of little original buildings and farm homes. Check out my post about Olmstead Place State Park HERE.

little sister holding brother's hand and guiding family through flowers
high school senior girl sitting in the grass next to tall flowers in kittitas county, WA

Cliffs Near Quincy - spring/fall

If you have driven in this area, you know how gorgeous it is. This location is about 40 minutes from Ellensburg. It has views of the Columbia River and space to twirl, run and play in. See the beauty for yourself in the photos below. This location is best after it opens from April-May, then again October-November. It closes during the winter. I don't like to come here in the summer since we would be more likely to run into rattlesnakes.

pregnant mother holding her arms around tummy with cliffs and the columbia river in the background.
pregnant mom holding husband's hand in front of rocks at the columbia river

Your Property - year round

If you want to make your photos a touch more personal, let's do them at your place. Whether it is your farm, big open lot, cabin, front porch, let's make it special. I'll come to you! We can even do a mix of indoor and outdoor photos.

Dawson Park - year round

This park in a perfect and convenient location for families visiting Suncadia. It's a nice big manicured park, however, I use the less manicured, more natural spots around the park for photos and it works great! It is very easy to get to. We can take photos, then the kids can be rewarded with playing at the park! Maybe this is close enough to be within walking distance of where you are staying.

family hugging and standing near trees in a park while sun is setting
couple walking in between tall pine trees and holding hands

Alright, my hope for this blog post is to give you a feel for each location. (I actually have another location blog post with more locations...what!?!? CLICK HERE) I want you to feel confident about the location you choose to have photos done. This can feel like a big deal and I want it to be easy for you, plus get the look you are going for. If it gets to the point where you just can't choose, guess what?! I'll go ahead and pick a location for you. Yep, being decisive about a location is a service I provide. ;) Happy day!