I want to share with you why you should treat your outdoor family photo session like a family adventure and how this is going to benefit your outdoor photo session. If you think family photos are supposed to be stressful and painful, I want to teach you how they can actually be fun and a piece or cake!

Family adventures are the best to photograph.

They show connection, they bring movement and are fun! When you are out exploring the great outdoors there is so much feeling to capture. Think laughter, love, excitement, thoughtfulness, etc. When I can take photos of a family doing something, there I find true meaning. Almost always it is a simple something, like hugging, walking together, playing, sharing a rock or flower with each other, etc. I find when you look at your family session as an adventure and not as much as "photos", this changes the feeling and the meaning of your photo session.

Adventure photos make beautiful wall art.

In my opinion, the people in a family photo is the most important piece of that photo. Maybe to go along with that is not only the people alone, but what connection the people share. A beautiful location definitely helps tie everything together and provide you with stunning photos. So stunning, that you are going to want to hang them on your walls, to see everyday and bring that warmth and love from the photos to fill your home.

You will be reminded of the beautiful place you went and memories you shared with your family.

When you see these photos you are going to remember this adventure your family when on. Not only are you documenting the stage of life you are all in, but you are also documenting an adventure your family went on and the memories that were created. Maybe you are local or maybe you are traveling from out of state, planning a photo session that also acts as a family outing is a great way to capture life through still images.

Adventures pics are great for kids, especially the wiggly ones.

If you are like me, I want some room to move around in during a photo session. I want to add movement to the poses and have fun! This is completely opposite from a studio session. There are more opportunities for real connection to happen. It's possible that the location we meet at is one you haven't even been to before and you really will be exploring for the first time. Or maybe it is one of your family's favorite locations and your kids get excited to get to there favorite spot to play. Either way, this outdoor adventure is going to give your family the space to be yourself, run around, be a little silly, play games like ring-around-the-Rosie, and truly capture who your family is and how you love each other. Don't worry, I'll be there ready to walk you through all these fun poses/games, but give you the space to be yourselves.

I want to clarify on this one a bit. When I say space to be yourselves, I'm also talking about kids. Remember on photo day to give kiddos a little more space to be them. They don't need to show me how good they are. I'm hoping they will want to play the simple games I have prepared, hug, snuggle, be tickled, run, walk, etc. The best advice I can give parents about photo day, is to lower their expectations of how they think their kids should act AND share lots of snuggles if kids will take them. Explore with your children on photo day. Or, stand back with your husband and watch your kids explore. Take time to notice the beauty around you and how amazing each of your family members are.

You will also have access to all my thoughtfully scouted out locations.

I have a couple blog posts about my favorite locations HERE and HERE. Scouting out a location is no joke. A lot of time goes into trying to find good photo locations. Once I find a good location, it doesn't end there. I have to wait on time and go back during different seasons to see what things are like. For example, one of my locations in on a river. I've learned that during some times of the year, the river is low and we can go walk out on the rocks. On other times of the year, the river is so high, there are no rocks and sometimes the trail is even flooded out. I'm here to provide you with beautiful photos locations, but I'm also open to trying somewhere new. :)

When I evaluate a location, I'm looking to see how easy it is to get there. I'm also asking myself if it is safe? What's the parking like? Where does the sun hit during sunset? How far is it from Ellensburg, WA? Is there open space, plus space to provide a little share? I really want this to be a smooth process for the families I work with, so all they have to focus on is getting outfits together (which I help HERE with that), and getting your family to the photo location.

You are more likely to be yourself while on an adventure.

If you treat your outdoor photo session more like an adventure and encourage the kids to have fun, you are going to have way more fun too! Say goodbye to a stressful photo session where you feel like you had to constantly redirect kids. Instead, let's plan a fun family adventure and I'll just happen to be there guiding your through poses, while also taking photos of what your family is doing. (Remember, you family is doing simple things, like hugging, walking, playing a game I have planned for you. This is the easy stuff.) I can't wait to connect with you and take photos of your family's outdoor adventure!