Your baby is only this little once.

My goal is to create nice yet simple images that capture your everyday experiences with your baby here is Ellensburg, WA. Let’s be honest, this is why you hired or are thinking about hiring a professional photographer. Your baby is only this little ONCE. The sweet interactions you have with your baby soon become sweet interactions you have with your toddler. They grow up so quickly. So, let’s talk about what to expect during a newborn photography session.

In-home or Fresh 48 Newborn Session

That’s right, you get to choose to either have me come to your home and capture your baby in your space or the hospital. Some prefer the comfort of their home and to photograph baby in your space. We can document what the space was like around them their first little while. Others prefer an earlier session by doing a Fresh 48 session. This is when I get to meet you at the hospital, before you come home. Baby is super new and we can get to enjoy capturing some of the first few hours/days of baby.

Ellensburg's photographer, Brindy Ruby, snaps Fresh 48 session while toddler sister is holding baby brother at hospital

Make sure baby is fed, changed and dressed simply.

First off, preparing baby for this session is very important, but I am going to keep it pretty simple. Make sure you change baby’s diaper and have them fully fed before I come over. All I want baby to wear is a mix of 1)just their diaper, but wrapped in a blanket, 2) simple print or solid onesie, or 3) small blanket/muslin wrap, again, with a simple print or none at all. This is how we will recreate images of your “every day” with your dear baby and remind you years down the road of this deep and powerful love you have for this little person. Keeping colors and props simple will make these images timeless. There won’t be any major trends distracting from your baby. Plus, baby in their diaper and baby wrapped in a light-weight blanket is probably a pretty common look for your baby in the first few weeks. Wouldn't you say so? Okay, that all being said, I do still love including special heirloom type blankets or special things made by someone close to you, so please, mention this to me and we will definitely include it.

asian mother holding her twin boys in her living room

You should wear neutral, loose and comfortable clothes.

Now we come down to the question of what you should wear. Well, I am here to help guide you through this process. I don’t do all the work and plan what you should wear, because I want you to look like you. Some of us let this part of planning a photo session become stressful, but let’s not go there. Trust me, I am here to help this process go much smoother. Here are a few tips to help you become confident it choosing your outfits.

1.    If this process of putting together outfits really stresses you out, my best suggestion is to go for neutrals and a variety of them. Don’t be afraid to put grays, tans, whites and creams together. There you go, nice and simple.

2.    If you like color, again, keep a variety that compliments each other. Stay away from neon colors and think about earthy tones. Greens, oranges, mustard yellows, soft blues, browns, then mix in some cream or grays. Searching on Pinterest can be a great starting point. Or, moms, go to your closet, maybe buy something new that you love, and base the rest of the outfits around yours. You are meant to shine. I personally love loose fitted clothing. Find a loose dress, sweater or t-shirt and go with it.

3.    Look nice and clean. This doesn’t mean you have to put on more makeup than normal or have fancy hair. This just means to look whatever your “nice and normal” looks like. If you want to put a little more makeup on or do something nice with your hair, do it. But be YOU!

4.    Please don’t wear any neon (sorry, have to mention this again), or let your husband/kids wear sport shirts. Let’s say no to logos. None of that photographs very well and will take away what could be a beautiful timeless photo to a very dated and unattractive one.

5.    Moms, can I be real here for a moment? Most of us, after having a baby don’t exactly bounce back to out pre-pregnancy bodies within a month. And that's okay. Make sure you have something that fits well, but isn’t too snug. A flowy dress or top is usually very flattering at this stage. If you are a lucky soul who does bounce back quickly, feel free to wear something more fitted, but a little loose is usually still more flattering and more comfortable during your session. Women are amazing!

6.    If you have any questions, please, please feel free to reach out. 

in home session with Ellensburg's photographer. Brindy captures toddler brother kissing his newborn sister on the couch

Your newborn session will be around 1 1/2 hours.

I try to get all the photos done in 1 ½ hours, but I think 2 hours is what you should plan for. I am all about you feeding baby when that is needed and not rushing things. Plus, babies poop a lot, so we make time for that as well.

Newborn sessions are for babies under 1 month old.

So, really, we can do a lifestyle Newborn session anytime in that first month or so of baby’s life.  I suggest scheduling a session that falls within the first month to capture baby in the earliest stage of their life. Then if you want to schedule another time within that first year is wonderful too. I offer a Baby's First Year Bundle if you are interested.

I naturally pose your baby

I am sure you have heard all about this different approach by now. I think it has been a favorite thing, running around out there for some time. If you are not familiar with the term “natural posing” or “lifestyle” this type of approach to me means guiding baby through a series of poses you would naturally see your baby in when interacting with them. In this type of session, you will see movement, connection and loving gestures. I like to think natural posing helps better share your sweet baby’s newborn story.

Enjoy Yourself and Your Baby

My hope for this session is that you and your baby can feel and act natural, so we can get authentic moments between your family and your baby. Being in front of a camera can be stressful, but I will guide you through the whole thing. Just be you and show your love for your sweet babe. I can't wait to photograph Ellensburg families and these tiny, but special moments.