UPDATE: I am able to do in-home newborn session and outdoor newborn sessions near Ellensburg. Also, I am vaccinated. Let me know if you have any questions.

The best age for newborn session is anytime before baby is one month old.

Well, there are a variety of answers to when it is the best age for a newborn session. Photographers have a different opinion about this especially when you jump to different styles of photography. When I used to do more traditional newborn sessions I would tell my clients to plan on a session when baby was 4 days to 14 days old. This allowed me to safely mold and pose baby while they were still easy to bundle.

Now that I have moved over to a lifestyle approach to newborn photography it is much more flexible as to when the best age for a newborn session is. During a lifestyle newborn session I am focusing on connections between the family and baby. Luckily, this works best when parents are holding or surrounding baby. This means within the first month is still considered a newborn session. You baby is still so new, plus you get to have a little extra time to feel a little a bit more normal, if you prefer that.

How Does COVID-19 Effect My Newborn Session?

There are legitimate concerns with how COVID-19 is going to effect your newborn session. First of all, as long as we are asked to be in quarantine, we need to respect that and most of all hope it ends soon. The last thing we want to have happen is to spread COVID-19 disease, especially to a home with a baby. Even if your photographer is healthy, it is best to play it safe.

Sure, this sounds terrible and you may be worried you won't be able to capture your newborn as a newborn. Well, I have good new for you. If your session gets pushed out to where you baby is 2-3 months old, this is going to be okay. Your baby is still so young and still wants to be snuggled in your arms. Your baby still sleeps A LOT! This is one reason I love lifestyle newborn photography. It is just so much more flexible and really is in our favor at this trying time.

So, let's just hunker down and do our best, playing the waiting game. Enjoy your baby, take lots of your own photos of baby. Click the photo at the bottom for some baby photo ideas. I want to help you during this time of confusion and stress. I believe by keeping busy, learning new things and appreciating the time you have with family is going to help us all get through this wild and weird time. Also, if you do take some photos, I want to see them. I can't wait to meet your little bundle.

Alright, take care. I am thinking and praying for all people out in this world going through the same thing we are all going through. Hope you are feeling safe and comfortable.