When are the outdoors good for a newborn photo session?

If you are considering an outdoor newborn session, the first thing you want to consider is what the weather might be like when your baby is due. If the weather is nice enough to bring your baby outdoors for about 45-60 minutes, then let's plan an outdoor session. I would say starting May through maybe October are going to be the best times of year as far as nice enough weather for a newborn to be out in. We definitely play it by ear, because the weather likes to keep us guessing. Your baby will most likely be bundled up in a blanket for an outdoor session unless it is too hot.

Also, if you are wanting something fresh and natural, the outdoors are going to be perfect for your newborn session. Or if you are not excited about having photos done in your home, then opt for an outdoor newborn session. I love both outdoor and in-home newborn sessions. Both are beautiful. I am very excited that I can offer both options to my families.

How is this different than an indoor newborn photo session?

Indoor newborn sessions are usually more casual than an outdoor newborn session. Sometimes, my families dress in jeans and sweaters when photos are done in their home. When we take the session outdoors, many families dress up a smidge more. Mom might be wearing a dress and I bring a few props. The posing I do in your home versus outdoors will be very similar. I bring a blanket and if the family is comfortable with it, I do similar photos outside on the blanket as I would do in their home on their bed or couch. Instead of using your furniture and surroundings, we use what nature has to offer. Both sessions are beautiful.

How should I prepare?

This type of session is a whole lot like an outdoor family session, however, I use more of my indoor newborn posing and we focus more on baby. As far as how you should prepare, go ahead and dress your family up. Refer to my WHAT TO WEAR blog post for guidance. On top of dressing your family up, I would actually suggest dressing your newborn in a very simple outfit or even a onesie. Then swaddle baby. I will also have some thicker blankets I'll bring to wrap baby up. If you have any thin muslin, plain wraps, that would be perfect if the weather is hot. I have found that during these session, baby usually loves and does best if they are wrapped up or swaddled.

Go ahead and also bring anything you will need for your baby like diapers, bottle, burp rags, etc. My sessions are usually 45-60 minutes, but babies don't hold anything in. ;) If they need to poop, they will poop. If they are hungry, they will cry. Just be prepared for any of the simple requests your baby might have.

These are baby-led photo sessions.

A large way these outdoor newborn sessions are different than a regular outdoor session is we pay close attention to baby. We always do this, but when baby is so young, we really have to adjust and be aware of their cues. If your baby needs to be fed again, we will take a moment to do this. If your baby needs a diaper change, we pause for this as well. Don't worry about it. Of course you will want to feed them and make sure their diaper is changed right before your session, but I am well aware that these things are entirely out of your control. I am prepared to be flexible during your session.

Have you been worried about doing an in-home newborn session during the COVID pandemic? OR other germs?

Well, then, an outdoor newborn session is going to be perfect for you. As long as your baby is around a month old or younger during the warmer months in Ellensburg, then let's take this session outdoors. It is very easy for me to take photos at a distance. I walk you through how to hold your baby and what to do without even touching baby. I think you'll be pretty happy with how smooth it will go.

When is the best time to schedule an outdoor newborn photo session?

The best months to plan for an outdoor newborn session is going to be between March and October. Since baby can be anywhere from a few days to a month old for these lifestyle newborn sessions, first you'll want to book you session for the month you are due. Once baby is born, we can chat about your schedule and what the weather is like. At that time we can narrow down a date and time for your outdoor newborn session. Easy Peasy!