Winter is a perfect time to do indoor photos in Ellensburg.

I would say sometime in October it starts to get pretty cold here in Ellensburg, and if you don't act quick, the month is gone and it is COLD! By November, I recommend only doing indoor photos with your family. Unless your are looking for snow pictures, then, you guessed it, we brave the cold. If you want to plan a winter session, do it! Take in the moments in your home to capture all the cuddling, blankets, and baking that happens. These will make cherishing photos.

I say, shake it up and try something new!

Everyone is doing an outdoor session for their family photos, but what about taking a different approach and take the party indoors? I absolutely love an outdoor session, but there is a different connection a family has when they are in their own home. There really is. So, maybe an indoor session isn't something you do every year, but I think it should happen at least once. I think you will agree with me after trying it out.

An indoor photography session will look different than an outdoor session.

When we plan an outdoor session, my flow of the session is pretty similar, from family to family. I love to guide you through poses that show connection. I love to let the kids run free. I love to photograph these moments outdoors and in that space for these reasons. It is very loose and go with the flow.

When we take the session indoors and in your home, things are a little different. In the planning, we talk about what your family likes to do together when you are home. If it is hard to get the ideas flowing, because you think of home as a very everyday and routine thing, then let me ask you this question. What are some of your favorite memories that happen at your home? Big or small memories, but most likely small. Examples could be reading books, making food, eating food, playing games, coloring or a craft, etc. These are likely everyday things and small memories, but they are the moments in our homes that take a part in shaping us and building our relationships with each other. I don't know about you, but I want to capture that.

When I think about the everyday memories of my family, I think about how my kids think it is the best when dad brings home donuts. We also love to just sit and laugh at our dogs. They are very entertaining, from their loud and wild playing to their little nose twitches, the dogs always make us laugh. So, these would be some ideas to contribute to our in-home session.

An indoor photography session will also look similar to an outdoor photo session.

Both sessions are all about connection (or love), creativity and fun. Whether you book an outdoor or indoor session, your photos will have lots of playing and hugging. Your session will be full of moments that bring you together and the photos you'll get will share with yourself how you look when you love your family. They are also similar in the fact that I am guiding you through poses and activities. I will also be helping you with your outfits. Because I shoot lifestyle photos, these sessions are also going to feel much less stressful than a traditional, "everyone look at the camera" type of session.

Indoor family photos can happen anytime of the year, but winter might be the best. Here's why.

I think winter really is a great time to plan an indoor session. I say this because bringing a photography session in the coziness of your home makes it more comfortable to do in the colder months of the year. You are more likely to snuggle in bed together when it is cold. You are more likely to be in the baking mood in the winter, not just because you will be running the oven, but because we have that internal switch that switches on about October that makes us want to bake and make soups. (I know I am not the only one that feel this way.) We spend more time indoors during the winter than we do in the spring and summer, so photographing the cold days indoors just makes sense.

Alright, having said all that, in home photography sessions really are great anytime of the year. If you wanted to plan a session in your home, during the hottest day of the year, do it! It will be amazing. I just wanted to walk you through some of my reasoning of when to do an indoor session. So, if you want to plan an indoor session here in Ellensburg, take advantage of the cold weather between October and March to schedule your session.