Newborn photography sessions can be done in the comfort of your home.

I love the flexibility that comes with lifestyle photography. Specifically, newborn lifestyle photography because I believe in real photos that show the simplicity of a tiny human life. Bringing a newborn photography session to your home gives wonderful meaning to your photos. Photos taken in your space is going to be your style and we will capture familiar things and spaces to your family. Find out more about our NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY SESSIONS.

Or, I could come to your hospital for your baby’s newborn session.

There is a uniqueness to taking your newborn photography session to the hospital where your baby is born. Very few people get to see this perspective of your short time while at the hospital with your baby. I have walked through this Fresh 48 photography hospital session experience on my blog. (Find out more information about FRESH 48 PHOTOGRAPHY.)

If the weather allows, I can also do an outdoor newborn photography session.

An outdoor newborn photography session is a lot like an outdoor family photography session. This session is taken to the outdoors if the weather is warm. (In Ellensburg, we will likely be able to take the newborn session outdoors in the summer.) We take moments to break if your newborn needs to eat or be changed. If you are hoping for a nice summer session, during golden hour for your newborn session, let’s do it!

Let me know what other questions you might have about a newborn session.

new mother holding her newborn baby swaddled in a white wrap in their home