I am excited to photograph you and your loved ones. Custom photography is quite unique because it not only captures what you look like at that time, but it captures who you are. My focus is to capture honest photos of your baby and family. The goal is not to take a stiff and posed shot with all eyes looking at the camera, but to capture real connection with your family. I love using natural light and creating images that become artwork in your home.

Because I value every one of my families and want you to have the best experience, I have created this guide to answer questions and help you feel more prepared for your photo session. I know how valuable your time and investment is. My goal is to give you a fun and relaxing experience and deliver photos you love. Take a look at the information below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email. I can't wait to plan this session with you!

So you're ready to book your session. Now what?

You should have received an invoice/link via email to pay for your session fee. If you haven't click the button below. When you pay your session fee, you are officially booking your session and locking in your photo date. This covers time taking photos, editing and your private gallery. This deposit in transferable, but non-refundable in most situations. If you need to change your session date, please let me know at least a day before. The sooner the better. Your session fee will move to your new session date.

After photo day and within 2-3 weeks, I'll send you your photo gallery via email. From there you will choose your favorite photos and which collection you would like to purchase. See more info HERE.

newborn baby lying awake on a lemon print blanket

What will my newborn lifestyle session be like?

When I get there, I will take a look around the rooms that have the best light. Then we get started taking photos and I'll walk you through poses. There will be times that we also just let things happen and I will follow kids (if you have other kids) through the motions and capture all the real moments. We let kids be kids during the session too. :)

I do ask that you remind your family that these are lifestyle photos and not the traditional type of photos where everyone is looking at the camera. Please let your family know that they are not expected to look at the camera. If it happens, that's just fine, but please let your family know to not tell each other to look at the camera. This can stress parents or kids. Instead, remind them that this session is to document your new baby and life as it is now. When I am taking these photos, I am not trying to make your life look perfect. I am showing you just how beautiful this time of your life is. My hope is your family will feel relaxed and at ease while I am photographing your family. You don't need to be anything but yourself.


We have probably already decided where your lifestyle newborn session will be, but if we have not, I have three options: In your home, at the hospital or outdoors (if it is warm enough). If you choose to do these photos in your home, photos will take place in the best lit room(s) in your home. Many families like to book a Newborn session with a Fresh 48 session as an add-on. If you would like to do this, I discount the Fresh 48 session. (A Fresh 48 session is done in the hospital/birth place, within 48 hours. NOTE: with COVID restrictions, this may not be an option for you now. Check with your hospital if you would like to add-on this type of session.)


Since we are shooting in your home, I prefer late morning, because that is when homes are usually lit up the best. I usually shoot for 10am, but there is some wiggle room there.

Length of Session:

This type of session usually lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. I am super quick and productive. I have had lots of practice and can easily get a diverse gallery for you in this amount of time.

What To Wear: 

Your outfits should be comfortable and reflect who you are. The biggest things to avoid are neon type colors or hot pinks and purples and try your best to convince your family to not wear sport clothes. I know this can be a hard one, especially if you are doing photos in your home. I have a son that lives in sport shorts. He has learned when we do photos he gets to wear what mom wants. There is always a reward. :) Here is a helpful guide on WHAT TO WEAR. Baby should wear a simple white or solid colored onesie.


The only type of props I use in a newborn session are the ones around your home, hospital or outside. Have on hand blankets and wraps you would like to incorporate in your session. I do have a few props I keep on hand if you would like me to send you some pictures, let me know. They are things like headbands, hats, wraps and a few blankets. I am happy to bring a few if you would like.

Your Baby: ​

I recommend feeding your baby as much as they want about 20 minutes before I arrive. Dress them in a simple onesie that is formfitting, with no graphics or words, preferable a solid color. This will most likely mean you will need a preemie or newborn sized onesie. If you have any favorite swaddle blankets for your baby to be wrapped in, have those set aside. Remember, your newborn is perfect just the way they are. I am not going to try and make babies sleep or place them in unnatural poses.  My lifestyle newborn sessions are baby (and child) lead. Meaning, if baby is awake or asleep we take photos. If baby needs to eat, we take a break to eat. If child is hungry, they get a snack. I usually still continue to take photos during this time. This is such a beautiful time in your life and I can't wait to be a part of it.

Your Children: 

If you have other children, I don't want you to stress about them. I know kids feel more comfortable in their home and also might act a little differently with a photographer there. Don't worry. I am use to this (I have four kids myself). My favorite images I get of kids are when they are playing, being silly, connecting with family and exploring. Most of the focus will be on your new baby. I do plan to get sibling and family photos done at the beginning of a session, then if siblings want to go do something else, they can. Or if they want to watch and continue to be a part of the session, they are welcome to do that too. Most of the time, your job it going to just "be" with the child(ren), or hold the child and we go from there. The real magic happens when we let the kids be themselves.

If your children are young, make sure they are rested and have had a snack, water and used the restroom or had a diaper change before the session. Also, make sure their face is wiped clean. We can definitely take breaks for snacks or nursing if needed, however I will probably still shoot during the breaks. Give your child(ren) dry, non messy snacks so their face stays clean during the session. Prepare your child(ren) for the session by letting them know that a friend will be taking some photos of them, I think it's best not to surprise them.

Alright, I can't wait to capture your family in your photo session!  Again, do not hesitate to ask me any questions you have!